Manic Monday #16

Blythe the Gopher...

Spud the Gradener Mole buddy...

original painting...

Jill the Groundhog...

hedgehog ring...

mole and mushroom kawaii case...

groundhog bookends...

hedgehog stamp...

felted pin cushion baby mole...

bandit groundhog...

hedgehog calendar...

cotton canvas painting "hello gopher"

During my weekend of sickness, I met a little gopher who kept me company... he soon became the only thing I've been manic for.  But, I think, that may have been the meds talking!

Have a wonderful Monday!

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  1. Ooh my goodness!! I was trying to pick my favorite out of these and I just can't! The hedgehog ring is adorable! But so is the woodlands creature calendar! And the stamp. And the bookends!

    Lovely finds : )

  2. Thank you For Inspiring me to start my own blog !!!

  3. All the moles are just too cute!!! And I think I need the hedgehog calendar and ring for abe...or just me :]

  4. What a cute collection today!!! I love moles, I had to write a paper about them in my wildlife ecology class...interesting and smart little creatures!


  5. Can`t stop squeeling. They`re all so supacute!!! ^^<3<3<3 Love the painting! <3

  6. Aw, everyone's been getting sick lately. Hope you feel better!


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