Manic Monday #15

Lovely reds...

amazing oranges...

enchanting yellows...

striking greens...

lovely turquoise...

blunt blues...

sultry violets...

taste the rainbow!

I am going to be adopting one of these looks!  Can you guess which?

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  1. wow! which one u gonna get?
    am a terrible guesser. xD
    sometimes i want some colour in my hair
    but i stopped dying it a long time ago.
    allergies and whatnot.
    these are so gorgeous tho..makes me wanna
    get some purple in my hair again! ^^;;;

  2. I just bought some fuchsia and I can't wait to use it!


  3. I hope the rainbow one, haha. BUT REALLY. All these looks are great :]

  4. I want all of them!!! I had my hair violet before & red- but neither lasted. If i go for a crazy color again, I'll probably go with blue. So pretty!
    Which are you getting?!

  5. I love love love that red and turquoise! I wish i was ballsy enough though :P

    With <3


  6. I'd guess you're going to go red but I kinda hope it's blue!
    (formerly Spunky Chateau)

  7. They're ALL amazing!!

    Carmen Ri.

  8. I love the red and the violet looks. I'm an all over red who wears her hair curly though, so the impact of the colors wouldn't be quite as striking. The look with straight hair, though, is awesome!

  9. I cannot wait to start the process and share my choice with everyone! I love them all but there are two that I really want! One is for now and the other would be if I let me hair grow! So excited!


  10. You know, I think I may deny you access to that first red one and steal the colors for myself! I wouldn't do the cut (it's been way too long growing out my hair to cut that much off again), but couldn't you see it as peek-a-boo strips? Nice variation on the highlights/lowlights in the brown, too.

    We'd be color-pop twinsies! ;P

  11. Are you gonna do the turquoise one??!! I loved damn near all of these hairstyles, but that's the one that caught my perhaps-I-could-try-that-eye. Well that one and the rainbow one...and the bees yellow and black one. I do lean towards red more times than not, but I always do that. I would like to try one of these I've mentioned. I hope you do one of those three, too!


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