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As everyone knows I have had the divine pleasure of having Angel Szafranko of WierdKlown design me a custom avatar.  Her creations have such personality and character making each one so individual.  With the Creative Process I showcased how Angel takes a doodle, uploads it, then creates the final product digitally.  She started by sending me a page of concepts...

Once we agreed on the concept she began the final sketch...

Once the sketch was completed she worked on the digital elements and the result is darling!

It's me!  I couldn't have been happier with the outcome of my Cupcake Cutie but Angel wasn't done...

She surprised me with this version as well!  I love her pouty face!  Chris thinks this one really looks like me!  Haha 

Angel also helped me create an avatar for "CAKED" and I am shocked at how quickly she can create!

First the sketch...

then the finished product...

I love it!  She has pink hair just like the wig used in the CAKED photos!  She is also going to be the new background of my business cards! 

I cannot even begin to thank Angel enough for her sweet designs that now grace my blog and shop.  I am so excited to be working on a custom creation for her and though it is still a work in progress I hope she will end up cherishing it even half as much as I cherish what she has created for me!

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  1. I totally agree with Chris... the pouty one looks just like you!

  2. How cute! The top two look a lot like you :] And the last one is adorable!!

  3. So cute, friend! What a special thing to have... and HOW perfect for your business cards. Sheesh, I love it!

  4. my goodness, those avatars are wicked cute!

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  5. WOW! Angel did a freakin awesome job!! I honestly am a bit jelly and wish someone would draw me up all cute and colorful the way she did you. I LOVE the you-character!! This is so cute, Jessa. Really really.


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