Crafty Confessions... DIY for Curly Ribbon Easter Basket

As you saw yesterday I have been creating one of a kind Easter baskets for two of the sweetest little girls.  My friend's daughters Emily and her little sister Allie.  Yesterday I shared how I created Emily's basket, but today we are focusing on little Allie's.

Isn't it sweet?  I am so happy with the way it came out as, honestly, I had originally planned on making them identical baskets.  Unfortunately, my materials ran out in the making of Emily's leaving me to make a quick creative detour. 

I am happy to say I am glad my supplies ran dry!  This DIY was also very easy and even more reasonable with a price tag of $3.

Let's get started...

Here is what you'll need...

again, I purchased the supplies from the dollar store.

♥ A Basket
♥ A Spool of multi-colored waxed ribbon
♥ (2) Glittery Butterflies
♥ Scissors

Time to get started!

Cut your ribbon into pieces that are a foot long.  You will need a lot of them!  I pre-cut mine and piled them into my basket so that they were easily accessible.  Once you have a good amount to start with, take a piece of ribbon and pull through the weaved slot closest to the rim of the basket.  Pull the ribbon through until the ends meet and tie into a double not.  With the waxed ribbon you will need to be sure to pull as tightly as possible. 

Continue this process, alternating between color options, until the whole rim is covered.

Next, you'll need to bring back the scissors...

it's time to curl.  Taking the edge of your scissors, carefully, press with thumb and run along the length of the ribbon to create curls.  Tip:  Alternate the direction of the curls, randomly, to create a nice fluffy overall look.

Last thing...

add your precious little butterflies.  These butterflies have coated wire backs making for easy attachment.

Presto!  A sweet little basket!

With a little love, spare change, and time... your little girl's basket is sure to be one of a kind!

Love & Lollies...

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  1. sweetest!:)


  2. Hiii, you're so craft, I adore it!!!

  3. that is cute and adorable! great DIY!


  4. Very cute easter idea!! If you want to link this up at my Show & Tell Link Party you can!!

    Melissa @

  5. This is nice and well designed baskets.
    Thanks for sharing this process.


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