Sweet Peek of the Week - The Lonely Heart

This week we are getting to know the lovely ladies behind The Lonely Heart.  A mother, daughter duo with the most darling of shops.  This weeks Sweet Peek will be a little different.  Instead of an interview I am going to have Brandee & Aumber share there amazing story with us!  Take it from here ladies!

Tell us a little more about yourself & The Lonely Heart...
The Lonely Heart is owned by two hopeless romantics, I, Brandee & my daughter, Aumber. Our inspiration comes from the love in our lives. My husband of 21 years and my family have me constantly thinking of love, and Aumber is deeply in love with her first love. These people in our lives inspire us and fill us with love that we want to share through our creations.

The Lonely Heart is a home for hearts that are lonely and may have been forgotten over time. They are a collection of hearts that have been handmade, repurposed, recycled or found sitting by themselves and forgotten or maybe even worse, never been loved. We also specialize in unique wedding decorations & gifts of love. We cater to the one you love, the bride, soul mates & the hopeless romantic!

How did you start The Lonely Heart and what kind of obstacles did you overcome:

When the recession hit, it went through like a tornado in our home, everything was crumbled & turned upside down. My husband was laid off from his trade and the market became non-existent in our quad-city area. Facing the realities of the possibility of losing our home and all the dreams we had built over the past twenty plus years was truly scary! I’m a homeschooling mother and did not want to work outside the home on top of schooling, so I said a huge prayer and cried out to God for his help.

I started “The Lonely Heart” with nothing but a few hearts, salvaged wood, and some barbed wire. God has been so faithful to us! The Lonely Heart took off. I had so much business coming in that I had to have my daughter Aumber start helping me. We are now looking at ways to expand our line to support both of us.

Aumber runs the computer side of the business, answering most of the questions, commenting on treasuries, relisting, setting up orders, and so forth.

I'm usually busy in the workshop creating our hearts & ribbons. We sometimes share responsibilities due to the volume we are dealing with now.

What do you love most about your business:

There are two things I really love about The Lonely Heart. First is our customers, we celebrate their love stories, while also sometimes mourning with them. Our hearts touch people in different ways. A lot of our customers feel like family when they share the reason why they have chosen one of our hearts to fill their home.

The second thing I love about The Lonely Heart is my family of 7 and Aumber’s suitor, Caleb. When we get extremely busy, everybody pitches in to make sure our orders are filled in time. My youngest girls stamp tags and packaging. My hubby and oldest daughter will carve hearts. Everybody helps in making our handmade ribbon, even Caleb. I love how it brings us all together.

I am so thankful for our truly amazing customers, Etsy for being online for the artist, and simply being so overly blessed!

Chasing a dream:

I have to be honest this wasn’t my dream to begin with. It was a need that was truly met and I thank God for it daily. While The Lonely Heart was started out of a need, it is becoming an unbelievable dream as we grow and serve our wonderful customers.

What I say about chasing a dream… even if it’s just a need, go for it, otherwise you’ll never know what you can do! It’s better to fail and learn, than to have doubt and never know!

Thank you so much ladies for sharing your inspiring story of creation, strength, and love with us! You are both such an inspiration!

Love & Lollies...

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  1. Awww, this was really sweet to read. Thanks for sharing with us their story!
    I'm definitely checking them out :)


  2. This is wonderful, what a lovely company and interview!


  3. Thank you for sharing this! Amazing interview and so inspiring. <3 MMxoxo

  4. thanks for sharing! so lovely! :)



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