Sweet Peek of the Week - Lia Lane & Giveaway

Today we have the sweet treat of getting to know one fantastic artist after my own heart.  With a line like, "Wax to me, is like icing on a dreamy cupcake", I knew we'd get along just fine.  Her name is Lia and she is creator of all the amazing items in an Etsy shop named Lia Lane.

Lia creates these stunning images using papers, acrylics, glitter, mica, and then covers each on with archival beeswax for it's texture.  The outcome is simply stunning!

Time to ask Lia our fast five...

Hi Lia!  Could you tell us a little bit more about yourself and Lia Lane: Lia's Beeswaxed Gallery?

"My name is Lia Lane and I make and sell werid and apparently funny (I never mean too, they just end up that way! hehe) mixed media paintings covered in my favorite thing ever....beeswax!" 

What an amazing idea for adding a unique touch to your art.  What has and continues to inspire you to create?

"Everything around me inspires! My daily life experiences and thoughts are always thrown into my paintings." :) 

You must never fun out of inspiration that way!  Have you had to overcome any obstacles in the creation of Lia Lane?  

"My biggest obstacle has been just getting the word out about my shop. I hate that I have to promote it. I'd much rather use that time to create!" :)

I completely understand!  Hope are you overcoming this?

"I've overcome it a lot by getting a facebook fan page and hooking up with awesome bloggers to help spread the word!" 

Well this blogger is more than happy to help and loved having you here!  Any words of advice for us before you go?

"My advice to other aspiring Etsians would be.. Just Do It! Open that shop, make things that are true to you and don't be so serious! Have fun with it!! That's what I do!" :) 

Thank you so much Lia for stopping by and sharing some insight into you and your shop, Lia Lane.  An extra big thank you from all my readers for giving us all a chance to own one of your amazing paintings here on the blog!

Click READ MORE to enter to win Lia's beautiful piece!  Can't wait to own a piece?  Use "LIAS20" for 20% off!

Love & Lollies...

PS Lia LOVES to make custom pieces!  Be sure to visit her shop for more details!

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  1. Awesome! There is no other option, but for me to win! I seriously, absolutely love LIA LANE it may even border an art crush!

  2. Maggie - Lia and her art are soooo crush worthy! xoxo

  3. lia does some of my very favorite art i would love, love, love to win anything she has made. thank you for the generous opportunity now all i need is some luck. thanks and hugs, lura

  4. So yummy!
    Lovely piece!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  5. Oh Lia's work is so beautiful! I HAVE to have one!! Thanks for the giveaway : )

  6. Quite possible my favorite etsy artist!

  7. Lia is going to love reading all of your wonderful praise and thanks! She really is an amazingly sweet (and talented) gal! Keep 'em coming! xoxo

  8. I soooo wanna win this! Her art is amazing and so beautiful !


  9. Lisa is very talented! I love all these pretty pictures. I love that the little girls have some of my favorite hair colors! ♥

  10. I love, love, love, Lia's paintings. They are so bright and cheery and thoughtfully sweet! Thanks for sharing this interview. And winning would be cool too ;o)

  11. Oh MY gosh! I am gushing over here..I am perma-smile girl right now! Thanks EVERYONE for such sweet comments on my art!!! It keeps me inspired! Heart you all!!!!!

  12. So cute and fun

    I want to win :)

    I have a contest too http://emmiesnailed.blogspot.com/2012/02/i-dont-give-rotterdam-giveaway.html


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