Quick Fix - Doggie Denim DIY

With a 115 pound rotty comes an ownership of stock in doggie delights.  Gage is known for his ability to completely devastate a stuffed toy at record breaking rates.  Here is my little DIY for recycling your doggie and denim disasters into new, lovable, toys! 

With spring/summer coming right around the corner I have already started reconstructing some of last years jeans into this seasons cut offs.  I am probably just as hard on my denim as gage is on his toys and since I usually buy second hand I do not feel all that guilty about only getting a year or so out of them. 

Take your left over denim pieces and flip inside out...

Next take a black marker and create the outline of the shape you will want to create for the toy.  I chose a bone as I found it to be extremely simple to create using a plastic cup and a ruler.

Once you have created your desired shape pin your fabric together... I tend to go a bit overboard with this!

Tee hee!  Be sure to leave one side unpinned you'll need it to be open later.  Next sew all of the pinned area.

Leaving the one side open...

like so...

Next cut out your bone and flip the material through the open portion you did not sew shut and stuff your toy.  I like to use the stuffing carnage from previous toys to fill new ones.

Now you can sew the open area shut!

Total project completion time?  10 minutes!  Total puppy enjoyment time?  Hours and hours of doggie delight!

Haha!  Happy Wednesday everyone!

Love, Jessa & Gage

Angie of SundayBelle mentioned kitties and I wanted to give you a quick, how to, for our feline friends.  Forgive the example pictures!

1.  Take one piece of denim and draw a heart
2.  Fold in half with outer denim inside the fold
3.  Sew shut leaving area where the curve of the heart meets the fold open
4.  Flip inside out, pulling through open area, stuff, and take a ribbon, yarn, or piece of an old shoelace and insert into open area.  Sew closed and add a couple hand sewn eyes!

Viola!  New mouse for kitty!

Thanks Angie!

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  1. what a great idea! I have a Pit Bull-Hound mix, her name is Petunia :) She also destroys her toys within seconds! I'm going to try this with my son's jeans...he is growing out of them at record rates! And his voice is getting deeper! lol


  2. Awww that last photo is SO cute! My heart! I will have to forward this to my sister, as she has two little devouring monsters (three if you include the cat, ha.) Pretty neat idea :D


  3. Eeka - What a great idea! Kids grow out of clothing so fast! The denim will be great as it is a lot sturdier than most dog toys.

    Angie - You can actually use this technique for the felines too! I'll add a quick how to for the kitties!


  4. Awww... Gage makes such a cute model! That sweet face was destined to be in front of a camera.

  5. Clover - He is actually the WORSE model ever! He literally runs away from the camera faster than the vacuum! Haha

  6. Clever idea. I would try this out for my pup but he is an aggressive chewer so I am sure the stuffing would come out in about ten minutes.

    Stop by & enter my Vedette giveaway!

  7. What a great idea! My dog is a diva though and doesn't really play with toys or eat dog treats. Gage is so cute :]

  8. aww your pup's so cute : ) I know!! We have two pretty big dogs (sisters : ) ) and they were devastating every toy.. untill.... we got them these things, and its been a year and they haven't ripped yet ! check 'em out!

    have a lovely weekend doll : )


  9. Abi - oh I've seen those! Chris and I have been wanting to try them! Thanks for the info Love!


  10. Great idea, Jessa!! I can't tell you how many toys (or things that used to be toys) end up tossed and gutted around our apartment!

  11. Teheehee, what a cutie! This is such a better alternative to tying a knot in a sock! lol

  12. Awe Gage is adorable showing off his new toy. Clearly he likes iit! Good job done by you! Thanks for passing on the idea for a kitty mouse. So cute made from a heart like that.


  13. Oh how cute is he!!! Love it! I wish Bear would play with toys but he only likes rawhide and doesn't play with a single thing (except the cat)

  14. It's a very cute idea! My fear would be whether or not my dog would know the difference between my jeans and his toys XD This is teresa visitng for the facebook group. :)

  15. Tors - Really? Gage would only have rawhides if he was allowed! =D But he'll distroy whatever is available! haha

    Teresa - That is hilarious as that was my biggest fear when starting these! But I think by filling them with old toys they have that "I am allowed to chew on this" smell! haha

  16. Girrrrl, let me just tell you what! I have a terrier mix and he has eaten so. many. things. Including a watch, several (ok, dozens!) of pairs of underwear, and 3 pairs of shoes. I think I may just need to make him this :) Perhaps he will stop chewing on my things!

  17. Oh, cute!!! You should join us for National Craft for your Local Shelters Day! Crafts like this would be perfect.

    Erika and Sebastian


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