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Today I had the privilege of completing my first custom blog order.  So exciting!  Danielle contacted me through Etsy in regards to having a custom button made for her blog Sweet Tart Beauty.  Her blog is mainly beauty reviews both sweet and sour.  With only a few keywords I was already buzzing with ideas.   Here are some of the words she felt reflected her blog...

♥ Sweet Tarts (of course)
♥ Cherries
♥ Beauty
♥ Fashion
♥ Pink & White

Basically I got the feel that her blog was a wonderful mix of beauty and everything girly and cute!  Here is what I made for her!

Sweet Tart Beauty

We decide to re-vamp her banner to match!  (This photo is now copyright of Danielle)

This has, by far, been one of the best experiences I've had since I started my business and hope to do more custom designs in the future!  To see my works in action be sure to stop by Sweet Tart Beauty and say hi to Danielle!  Time to go make Valentine's Sweet Tart Cupcakes with all these Sweet Tarts!  =D  Happy Valentines Day! 

Love & Lollies... 

UPDATE: I couldn't resist making Social Tarts for her as well!  Just an added thank you for being my first customer!  =D

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  1. New ohoto over there?! Super cute, friend!!

    Alsoooo, Happy Valentine's Day! I hope its splendid :)

  2. And by that... I mean photo hahaha :)

  3. The Adventurer - As a horrid typer/speller I totally got what you meant! LOL

  4. Thank you so much!! I'm in love with your design!!

  5. Danielle - You are so welcome Love! Thank you for trusting me with your blog! =D

  6. what an awesome design! very fun!!

  7. vey successful first for you! :) congrats! great work!

  8. Wow, you did an amazing, but I mean AMAZING job!


  9. Looks lovely! Well done:) And congrats on your first custom order, how exciting!

  10. Great design, what a good job!

  11. Thanks ladies! It was a lot of fun!


  12. You did a great job, Jessa! The social buttons are sooo adorable...and yummy looking. lol

  13. Well done, congrats and great job! They look sooo cute!


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