The Creative Process... Angel Szafranko

As I had mentioned last week, Angel has been busy designing me my own personalized cuties using her amazing artistic skills.  The process that Angel uses in creating this amazing animations is so cool to see.  She starts with a doodle, working into a sketch, then creating the final product through her computer!  It's quite fascinating!  Here are some examples...

Harajuku Girl...

Pop Girl...

and them!...

Stay tuned to see the darling creations Angel came up with for me and, in the mean time, head over to Artsy Angel to see more of Angel's amazing art!   

Love & Lollies...

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  1. amazing! I especially like pop girl! xo


  2. so cute :)

    BTW, Your tagged in my post :)


  3. Ooh that Harajuku girl is pretty!


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