Creative Cuteness... Angel Szafranko

I am so excited to be sharing an amazing experience I am currently having with one talented lady!  Angel Szafranko of WierdKlown is currently creating my CAKED Cutie.  If you have not had the privilege of seeing Angel's creations, first hand, let me share.

First off she is EXTREMELY talented and amazes me with the art work she creates.

I love how she combines different elements to create one unique image like Flower Girl.  

I love seeing her close ups on the characters faces.  Each one has it's own intended emotion behind it... 

like Tree Girl...

and her Cute Scarf Girl...

what really made me fall in love with her art was when I saw this...

so sweet.  I love seeing what she creates based off of people, like herself!  Can't wait to share the process with you!  I will be back soon to show you what she is creating for me!

Love & Lollies...


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  1. oh those are so cute! i love finding new talented artists. <3 so looking forward to see what she comes up for you! ^^d
    have a fantastic weekend! MMxoxo

  2. The tree girl is adorable. Can't wait to see what she comes up with for you as well :]

  3. Yay!
    I'll be working on it today ;]

  4. Oh these are so amazingly cute i love the tree girl.
    Fee xx

  5. Oh, too cute! I'm sure whatever she comes up for you will be fantastic! xo

  6. Oh my gosh!! These are sooooo cute! I love love love Deer girl, Tree girl and the couple with the doggy. I like when characters look like the real people, too. I want one of me, Mikey and our 3 little pets!


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