Quick Fix - Doggie Denim DIY

With a 115 pound rotty comes an ownership of stock in doggie delights.  Gage is known for his ability to completely devastate a stuffed toy at record breaking rates.  Here is my little DIY for recycling your doggie and denim disasters into new, lovable, toys! 

With spring/summer coming right around the corner I have already started reconstructing some of last years jeans into this seasons cut offs.  I am probably just as hard on my denim as gage is on his toys and since I usually buy second hand I do not feel all that guilty about only getting a year or so out of them. 

Take your left over denim pieces and flip inside out...

Next take a black marker and create the outline of the shape you will want to create for the toy.  I chose a bone as I found it to be extremely simple to create using a plastic cup and a ruler.

Once you have created your desired shape pin your fabric together... I tend to go a bit overboard with this!

Tee hee!  Be sure to leave one side unpinned you'll need it to be open later.  Next sew all of the pinned area.

Leaving the one side open...

like so...

Next cut out your bone and flip the material through the open portion you did not sew shut and stuff your toy.  I like to use the stuffing carnage from previous toys to fill new ones.

Now you can sew the open area shut!

Total project completion time?  10 minutes!  Total puppy enjoyment time?  Hours and hours of doggie delight!

Haha!  Happy Wednesday everyone!

Love, Jessa & Gage

Angie of SundayBelle mentioned kitties and I wanted to give you a quick, how to, for our feline friends.  Forgive the example pictures!

1.  Take one piece of denim and draw a heart
2.  Fold in half with outer denim inside the fold
3.  Sew shut leaving area where the curve of the heart meets the fold open
4.  Flip inside out, pulling through open area, stuff, and take a ribbon, yarn, or piece of an old shoelace and insert into open area.  Sew closed and add a couple hand sewn eyes!

Viola!  New mouse for kitty!

Thanks Angie!

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The Creative Process... Angel Szafranko

As I had mentioned last week, Angel has been busy designing me my own personalized cuties using her amazing artistic skills.  The process that Angel uses in creating this amazing animations is so cool to see.  She starts with a doodle, working into a sketch, then creating the final product through her computer!  It's quite fascinating!  Here are some examples...

Harajuku Girl...

Pop Girl...

and them!...

Stay tuned to see the darling creations Angel came up with for me and, in the mean time, head over to Artsy Angel to see more of Angel's amazing art!   

Love & Lollies...

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Manic Monday #14

Shamrock upcycled sweatshirt...

heart cutout piece...

distressed denim cuff...

chunky sweater shorts...

tattered upcycled dress...

squirrel handkerchief skirt...

poppin up daisies spring shirt...

Should come as no surprise that with my new found passion I have become completely obsessed!  Hope everyone is having an amazing Monday and do not forget to enter the two giveaways!  Lia's OOAK Painting & Adriana's beautiful bracelet & gift certificate

Love & Lollies...

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Sweet Peek of the Week - Lia Lane & Giveaway

Today we have the sweet treat of getting to know one fantastic artist after my own heart.  With a line like, "Wax to me, is like icing on a dreamy cupcake", I knew we'd get along just fine.  Her name is Lia and she is creator of all the amazing items in an Etsy shop named Lia Lane.

Lia creates these stunning images using papers, acrylics, glitter, mica, and then covers each on with archival beeswax for it's texture.  The outcome is simply stunning!

Time to ask Lia our fast five...

Hi Lia!  Could you tell us a little bit more about yourself and Lia Lane: Lia's Beeswaxed Gallery?

"My name is Lia Lane and I make and sell werid and apparently funny (I never mean too, they just end up that way! hehe) mixed media paintings covered in my favorite thing ever....beeswax!" 

What an amazing idea for adding a unique touch to your art.  What has and continues to inspire you to create?

"Everything around me inspires! My daily life experiences and thoughts are always thrown into my paintings." :) 

You must never fun out of inspiration that way!  Have you had to overcome any obstacles in the creation of Lia Lane?  

"My biggest obstacle has been just getting the word out about my shop. I hate that I have to promote it. I'd much rather use that time to create!" :)

I completely understand!  Hope are you overcoming this?

"I've overcome it a lot by getting a facebook fan page and hooking up with awesome bloggers to help spread the word!" 

Well this blogger is more than happy to help and loved having you here!  Any words of advice for us before you go?

"My advice to other aspiring Etsians would be.. Just Do It! Open that shop, make things that are true to you and don't be so serious! Have fun with it!! That's what I do!" :) 

Thank you so much Lia for stopping by and sharing some insight into you and your shop, Lia Lane.  An extra big thank you from all my readers for giving us all a chance to own one of your amazing paintings here on the blog!

Click READ MORE to enter to win Lia's beautiful piece!  Can't wait to own a piece?  Use "LIAS20" for 20% off!

Love & Lollies...

PS Lia LOVES to make custom pieces!  Be sure to visit her shop for more details!

Creative Cuteness... Angel Szafranko

I am so excited to be sharing an amazing experience I am currently having with one talented lady!  Angel Szafranko of WierdKlown is currently creating my CAKED Cutie.  If you have not had the privilege of seeing Angel's creations, first hand, let me share.

First off she is EXTREMELY talented and amazes me with the art work she creates.

I love how she combines different elements to create one unique image like Flower Girl.  

I love seeing her close ups on the characters faces.  Each one has it's own intended emotion behind it... 

like Tree Girl...

and her Cute Scarf Girl...

what really made me fall in love with her art was when I saw this...

so sweet.  I love seeing what she creates based off of people, like herself!  Can't wait to share the process with you!  I will be back soon to show you what she is creating for me!

Love & Lollies...


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Manic Mondays #13

Lovely kitten sweater...

cupcake kitty...

canvas tote...


In LOVE with this!

game of cat & mouse...

thoroughly untrustworthy...

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Sweet Peek of the Week - Adriana's Accessories & Giveaway

This week I had the divine pleasure of getting to know one very talented shop owner, Adriana.  Adriana is the heart and soul of a shop named Adriana's Accessories where she creates darling jewelry pieces designed to spread love to those who receive them.  Adriana creates everything from party favors, to bridesmaids gifts, and even mother daughter bracelets!  (So Cute!)  I particularly adore her Rock Candy piece!

Darling, but enough from me let's hear what Adriana had to share.

Hi Adriana, could you tell us a little more about yourself and the creation of your shop, Adriana's Accessories?

"I have been making jewelry since about 2003 it started with friends and family orders then parties and craft fairs to renting a booth at a hometown hair salon. In 2007 I was engaged to the man of my dreams planned a wedding and brought a house all in 2 years so the jewelry designs well faded with time .. Then I had my beautiful son in 2011 and he was all of my time !! Recently I went to a medium readng party and I was skeptical at first but she was SPOT ON with everything but one thing that stuck to me was that I was not 100% happy with my line of work and by the ime I was 30 I would find my passion !! So I thought about this ALOT and then it hit me .. My Jewelry I loved making it and selling it I would devote my nights to it designing it and researching it . So I decided with the new year to go ahead with it and follow my Passion and my love for it . Lets see where it leads me !!"

Such a wonderful outlook to have!  Other than mediums =D, what continues to inspire you to create?

"My life is a huge inspiration and my family they are behind me 1000% and they are the best critics and sales people as well. I dont know where I would be without them !"

It sounds like you have an amazing family and I bet they're a wonderful support team when overcoming obstacles!  Have there been any obstacles thus far?

"I wouldnt really call it an obstacle but time time time is my huge factor in why I couldnt handle it all ." 

I am not sure how much help they can be there.  How are you overcoming this issue?

"I became more organized in what I do and when I do it . I have a room in my house thats just for Beading and other crafts as well and that my time. My son is also 10 months old now so he is alot easier and daddy is getting more involved as well to help !!"

I knew they'd play a role!  Your husband sounds like a wonderful man.  Adriana, before you leave, can you share any words of inspiration with us?

"Jump right in !! You cant sit and wait for things to happen you have to make them happen !! And do what you love do what makes you happy !" 

Beautifully said and so true!  Thank you so much Adriana for your visit this week and an extra big thank you for the wonderful gift you are offering us all a chance to win!  I love your Endless Bracelet and adding a gift certificate makes it all the more sweet this week!

See below to enter to win Adrianna's wonderful giveaway of her Endless Bracelet, in your choice of color, and a $15 dollar gift certificate to her shop, Adriana's Accessories!  Click READ MORE to enter!

Love & Lollies...

Sprinkle of Life... and so overdue! ®

♥ This post features my Read to Me feature.  Look for this symbol ® next to post titles where this feature is present.  Read to Me player is located at the bottom of posts.  Enjoy! ♥

I just realized how long it has been since I have given an update, on life, in my little corner of the world.  Things have been good but honestly pretty stressful.  I am discovering more and more everyday that it takes A LOT of hard work and determination to have your own business.  It's a constant struggle trying to discover what works and what doesn't.  What brings success and what brings failure.  The worse part?  Is that it is usually you who has to make that call!  There isn't always someone there willing to give you an honest unbiased opinion.  So you have to watch... and wait... and hope... and then, often, try again until you find that magical combination.   I've been having a rough time with this lately...

Somedays I feel like I can't even describe what it is I do for a living.  Wait, scratch that... I try to do for a living.  See you must be making money to call it making a living.  I feel like the movie The Heartbreak Kid when he marries the "environmental researcher" only to discover she picks up trash off the beach or something like that.  Needless to say, they go into this long debate on what is volunteer work and what is a job blah, blah, blah... but that is how I feel?

I big portion of her argument is that she has to work her way up.  You know, "pay her dues" and such.  So is that what I am currently doing?  Or am I just volunteering?  I genuinely do not know these days... I want to say that hard work and dedication pay off in the end, but how can you be so sure?  How much longer can I get away with pursuing my dream before it becomes a financial nightmare?

I am the type who tries to remain optimistic no matter what... all blue skies and sunshine here!  But unfortunately, the occasional storm slips in and floods up everything!  What is the moral to this story you ask?  It all sounds pretty depressing you say?  No, cause you see, with storms comes rainbows!  Maybe this storm is just leading up to one of those double decker beauties!

Love & Lollies...

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