What I Would Wear - Modcloth: Beloved Bouquet

There were some pretty amazing Valentines pieces over at Modcloth right now!  It was a bit of a challenge narrowing it down!

♥ It's All in the Details ♥

Grand Total:  $376  =( <---- that is me pouting

Oh how I love that purse especially and how cute are Modcloth's clothing names?  It's one of my favorite things about browsing there selection!  This selection completes my Valentines picks!  Hope you enjoyed the series and remember to get your entries in today to win that beautiful Pan Collar by Molly!

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  1. That dress is so lovely and feminine, and I love the color combo of peach and tan on those shoes!

    xo Gillie

  2. I want those shoes! Love, love, love.

  3. i found a jacket with that same style at a thrift store last week for.... ONE dollar:)

  4. Love these pieces!! That jacket is too adorable!

  5. that jacket is so cute! i love the colors :)

  6. I am in love with that coat! amazing!!


  7. I love/have eyed everything on this template. I too adore the cute little names of ModCloth's items. It makes each piece tell a fun story! Making me want the dresses or shoes even more!! :)

  8. Hello Jessa! Thanks for becoming a new follower of my blog. So, I'll be passing this amazing blog award to you called Enchanted Blog Award. Congratulations girl!


    xo Cherry

    BTW, I love the matchy colors in this post. Absolutely perfect for Valentines! <3

  9. I LOVE the jacket & the dress! I saw those shoes in the modcloth email this week & immediately fell in love too!

    Have a great weekend!

    Savannah Marie


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