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While stocking the Etsy shop full of new vintage goodies I had the urge to do a little Valentines Day wish listing.  I stumbled upon this little beauty and just knew it would have to be added to my many wants and that I must get to know the person responsible for these cuties!  Meet Zee of Simply Brie Designs!  

So Zee, tell us all about Simply Brie Designs!

SimplyBrieDesigns is an online store featuring handmade modern, bridal and vintage custom jewelry. The name came about from my daughter Brie who is 6 years old and is always giving me beautiful ideas! The main purpose of SimplyBrieDesigns is to create lasting, heirloom quality jewelry. Whether it is with weddings or family heirlooms passed down, jewelry can be symbolic, especially with how it makes us feel.

I always love hearing that children are a big part of the inspiration process.  What continues to inspire you?

Everything inspires me!I love the simple beauty in nature. Birds, trees, branches,leaves, oceanlife, and even hedgehogs! I love to dress up nature with different colored gemstones and pearls.Sometimes I know exactly what I am going to design and most of the time I just play around with all my little findings to come up with a piece of jewelry that I am proud to place in my shop and share with people all around the world.

Such a fun way of thinking!  Have you faced any obsticales in the creation of Simply Brie Designs?

The start up money is a little rough. Sterling silver and gold filled items are expensive, but I pushed as hard as I could to keep my store a float and use my sales to restock my store. It is a working progress but worth it as jewelry design is my passion and I love the idea of touching peoples lives with my jewelry being worn in their weddings, given as gifts to a love one, and just putting a smile on their face! 

What is your approach to breaking down walls that try to stop you from doing what you love?

Perseverence. The notion of giving up never occured to me. When I would get a little doubt in my head I would instantly erase it with a continued effort and push even harder!!

Perfect word!  What advice would you give to someone wanting to chase their dreams?

First off good for you! Go for it! If you keep a positive mindset you will succeed. When times get rough push even harder. Have fun with your passion as it will help to keep you inspired. Always continue to grow with new ideas and keep your perserverence! Never give up! 

Thank you so much Zee for you inspirational answers!  I love what you are doing and hope you continue to persevere and Simply Brie Designs will thrive for many years to come!  I also hope I will be seeing one your pieces Valentines morning!  ::Hint, Hint Chris::  =D

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  1. Oh they're so cute, second necklace would be great for someone who bakes a lot ! Really lovely ^^

    Indie by Heart

  2. Thank you for finding and sharing! Those necklaces are too freakin' cute. I'm going to check out her shop right now!! :)

    -Megan Rose
    Somewhat Stylish

  3. Absolutely lovely, that first necklace is so, so sweet!! I love it. Happy weekend, girly!! xo V

  4. I love the necklaces and Zee. She sounds very nice :)


  5. Great interview! And i really love these creations!!
    Come to visit my blog and if you want let's follow each other through bloglovin and GFC!

  6. THOSE are the most adorable most delicate necklaces ever! (:

  7. LOVE that birdie necklace! So cute.


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