Sweet Peek of the Week - Molly Made with Love Interview & Giveaway

Do you remember MM #7 with all those darling little collars we were swooning over?  Well this week's sweet peek is the darling little creator of that precious detachable heart collar we all went gaga for.  Her name is Molly and she is an Australia native who supplies all of us collar fanatics with beautiful handmade pieces like this one.

Isn't it darling?!  I had the privilege of getting to know Molly over the past few weeks and at times felt so close to her.  No seriously... really close!  Molly has been on holiday and we were having to touch base whenever she had a free moment or a reliable connection.  During this time the craziest of things happened.  Molly was in my backyard!  No not literally, but practically!  Her family and herself took a quick trip into the mountains only minutes away from where I live!  So cool!  Unfortunately time was not on our side and we did not get the chance to meet face to face, but the experience was still super exciting for both of us.  We have since made a pledge, to meet again, in San Fran during her next visit.  We are both thrilled with the prospect of snatching up as much vintage as we can and completely draining our bank accounts!  =D

Anywho, back to business!  We get to ask Molly our Fast Five!  Here is what she had to share...

Can you tell us a little more about yourself and Molly-Made, With Love?

Molly-Made is me! Its what I love, make, create and sew. Everything is made by me, with love of course! It started over at my blog molly-made.blogspot.com a year ago this month. It was there that I posted about my sewing adventures and the vintage inspired clothing that I make for myself. From there, Molly-Made, With Love was born; My small, but growing Etsy shop. Currently I make hand embroidered detachable peter pan collars (what a mouthful!) but soon I will be offering my very first line of clothing, which I am super duper excited about, so make sure to check back soon!
That is so exciting!  What inspires you to do all of this?

All things vintage, kitsch, cute and fun! I may find it on a 50's pattern envelope, an old advertisement, quirky cookbooks and old postcards, art, people, colors, and Etsy too! 
I can get lost on Etsy all day!  What have been the challenges you've faced in the creation of all these wonderful ventures?

TIME! I work full time, maintain somewhat of an active social life, take a few dance classes and then run Molly-Made too. Its such a fine art trying to balance it all. I work regular office hours so Saturday has become my Molly-Made work day. I find I get much more done when I can have a full day to really get stuck into things, then I finish off all the odds and ends and blog during the weekday evenings. I try to keep Sundays to myself, to veg out and socialize, but often I end up sewing then too!  The pipe dream is to cut back on the day job and allow myself more time to create/play/sew - a girl can only dream!
Sounds like a beautiful dream Molly!  How are you overcoming these challenges?

I'm not sure that I have overcome them per se, its more of a continual battle. But if you love what you do, you will always find away to do it!
If you had to pick one quote about "making it happen" what would it be?

I hate very much to quote such a commercial empire such as nike, but when they harnessed the saying "Just do it" they were so right. Its plain and simple, find your dream and chase it. Its not going to be easy, and sometimes its not going to be fun (only sometimes, I swear) but its such a rewarding feeling, to grow something from a seed and know that its yours, to know that what you are creating and sending out into the world is potentially making someone happy. Its a wonderful feeling!
Agreed and so beautiful worded!  Thank you so much Molly for sharing your inspiration with us!  You are an amazing little gal!

Molly decided to make this week even more beautiful for all of us by offering one lucky reader a chance to own one of her precious handmade beauties!  See below & click "Read More" for entry!

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  1. wow the collar is gorgeous!
    i love the little heart on it :)

  2. I LOVE them! And thank you for introducing Molly, she seems to be such a sweet girl. xo

  3. Molly seems like such a sweetheart. It's a shame y'all didn't get to meet up this trip. Hopefully y'all do soon enough! :)
    Oh and OMG I love love LOVE her collars. I need them in my life for sheezy.

  4. She is and I was so sad we didn't get to play while she was visiting. I love them too! I want the whole collection! xoxo

  5. Seems like a lovely young girl and I LOVE her collars!! :)

  6. I'm in love with Molly's sweet collars, I am sure they are made with love.. they sure look like it :)

    my favorite is the heart one as well as the anchor one. way too cute <3

  7. how beautiful! i love peter pan collars!

  8. What beautiful collars! I love reading about creative people, thier work and what inspires them.

  9. Wowwwww, I think I'm the winner! thanks you very much! I'm waiting your email!

    Ana Belén R.M

  10. Ana - Yes! Congrats! Molly will be in touch with you very soon to gather your mailing information! =D



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