Resolutions? Nah... I prefer adjustments... ®

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I just realized, with all the New Years buzz happening all around me, that I never did tell you what my resolution would be.  There is an easy explanation for this... I don't have one.  Nope... nada one!  Why?  I've noticed in the years past that the resolutions I make seem to only torment me when I am unable to achieve them.  I seem to disappoint myself when they do not happen in the timeframe or order I had wished.  

That doesn't mean I am a total hopeless cause.  I did make a New Years Adjustment.  I decided that I would make a pact, with myself, to change an element of my state of mind before stepping into the New Year.  Nothing radical just one word to live by in 2012.  FEARLESS.  I want to be more fearless in the adventures ahead of me.  I hope that this one simple word will allow me to let myself chase the dreams I've been afraid to reach for.  The word failure has always sent chills down my spine!

I want to be more trusting of myself and my choices in the New Year.  I believe this simple word will be a good start.   Why are we so afraid of the possibilities when it's the possibilities that make life so beautiful?  In truth, wouldn't we rather be hated for who we are, than loved for who we are not?

Love & Lollies...

Sorry my voice is so crackly today... my allergies are going awol!  =D

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  1. That's such a great plan. Here's to a fearless year for you xoxo

  2. I don't do resolutions either, I don't see the point in trying to force myself to do things I don't really want to do, only want to want to do, it's never going to work ;)

    Saying that, your method is the method I subscribe to. I want to live my life a littler fuller this year, so I hope we both manage to make our adjustments. I hope you'll keep us updated of your adventures here :)

  3. Lovely! And i loved and completely agree with the last sentence!! It is so much better and peaceful when someone loves you for who you are and not try and change you!
    All the very best on facing your goals without fear :)

  4. Sounds like a good plan! x

  5. Happy New Year!!! I hope 2012 will be the best year ever for all of us. I hope this year will be creative, full of passion and hope.

  6. love this :) that's a great way to start the year. I hope everything goes well. By the way I gave you the "Kreativ Award". I don't know if you have received it before or if you care for awards but there it is anyways :P Have a great day!

  7. Isabel - Really? How sweet are you! Can I put it on the blog? I'd love too!


  8. Such a wonderful motto any day of the year! Think about this, too: even should your fearlessness falter, you always have your extraordinary bravery. After all, isn't bravery being scared of something but doing it anyway?

    Here's to new adventures in a new year!

  9. I agree with the idea of not making a resolution. If it isn't broken, don't fix it :P

    Awesome blog :) Following


  10. Being fearless is an amazing thing... i want to find courage in 2012 as well, it seems like the best thing to find nowadays ; )


  11. That's a much better way to enter the New Year!

    I didn't make any resolutions either. It doesn't really make sense to wait until 31 December to make a change. Why not do it right away?

  12. I agree, fear is the only thing between us and what we want! And your voice is so perfect for this. What I great idea. Check out my NE resolution!


  13. I think that is a good word to live by, I think I could stand to be a bit more fearless... come to think of it, most of my decisions are ruled by a number of fears, big and small... so i hope you have a wonderful 2012, with a lot more fun and a lot less fear.

    Chic on the Cheap

  14. im terrible at resolutions as well - although last year mine were super simple and i did pretty well :)

  15. I'm so relieved to have read about three other blog posts today about ladies who also DON'T make resolutions! Your whole reasoning makes sense as well. I love your idea to live by the word Fearless. Kudos and be as fearless as possible this year!!


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