Make It Work - Necklace Re-Vamp

In my last style confessions I explained that I would show you how to take an unused article of your wardrobe and re-vamp it for new uses.  These installments will be called "Make It Work" and are great for really getting your money's worth out of those new or old purchases.  In this first installment I am going to be taking this necklace, a bridesmaid's gift from my bestie, and showing you four ways you can wear it!  Let's get started...

Pick out the necklace you want to re-vamp.  Mine already had the ribbon attached but you'll must likely need to add it.  This is super easy and super cute!  Here is what you'll need...

Your old necklace and some ribbon to match.  You can use whatever size ribbon you'd like.   I chose this, as the necklace is a little on the dainty side.  Cut your ribbon into two ten to twelve inch pieces.  I didn't cut mine as I wear this particular one in my hair... it's more for demonstration purposes!  =D

Start by taking your first piece of ribbon and stringing it through the clasp.  Once through, pull ribbon until tails are lined up and both sides are even.  Like so:

Next you want to loop the ribbon around your finger... (forgive the lack of nail manicuring ladies!)

Take the ribbon around the clasp pulling it upward through your loop.  This will form a nice loose knot.

Once you are happy with the position of your knot (for best clasp coverage) pull tight.

Viola!  Repeat these steps using your other piece of ribbon and the opposite end of chain.  Now you have created a darling accent to your piece.  

Make It Work Option 1:

Wearing it as a re-vamped necklace.  You can wear the bow in the front, back, or (like I do) on the shoulder!  I like wearing my bow on the shoulder so you can see it from the front and back!

Make It Work Option 2:

As a bracelet!  Loop the chain around two to three times tying off with a bow.  I, personally, love bracelets with bows and this is such an easy look to recreate!

Make It Work Option 3:

As a belt!  Depending on the length of your necklace and ribbon, how you wear this look may differ.  Mine are actually tied in little bows on my outer hips, using the belt loops on the shorts, to create a faux belt look. If your piece is longer, it looks quite darling to tie the ribbon together creating a large bow where ever you'd like.

Make It Work Option 4:

Time to re-vamp that favorite little clutch of yours!

Open your clutch and find the anchors.  Most clutches already come with some sort of strap, which I never like/use, which are attached and detached by anchors.  Mine are snaps so I had to leave the strap on to use as support for my bows.  Tie your necklace to these anchors, or straps, creating bows.

Once you've done this close your clutch, but be sure to keep the bows outside for that extra feminine charm!

There you have it!  Re-vamping can be fun!  Now get out of here and go rekindle some romance with those long lost jewelry loves!

Love & Lollies...

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  1. wow really nice tute! love the last one especially ;p

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  2. Such a cute idea. (:

  3. That first necklace is so cute, I love it!
    Check out my new post if you want! <3

  4. cool different ways of using this pearls! thank you for sharing

    xo katrina

  5. Fab transformation xoxo

  6. This is amazing, very inspiring to come up with so many different options from a broken necklace. love the bag especially! xx

  7. Hey !
    You certainly made it work ! I love it as a belt :)


  8. Jessa that is really cute!! I think my fave is the necklace :) thank you for dropping by my blog and being so lovely! I do hope you will come and visit again soon. Following youuuuu xx

  9. How cute!! I love all those ideas especially the belt and clutch♥

  10. Very cute! I've been into re-purposing jewelry & clothes lately. I'm a bit of an environmentalist, and every little bit helps. Good show!


  11. Love this!!! Great ideas! It is right up my alley! I love refashioning and repurposing things!!!

    You had me at "make it work" - I'm following!

  12. What a great idea! So simple but very versatile!

  13. You have a really lovely blog! We love all the style tips here - and that blouse is perfection.

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.


  14. I would never think to use it as a bag strap, great idea!



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