Winter is Here! Well... Kind of

This has been an odd winter in the central California hills.  You wake up to the glorious sun kissing your cheeks only to discover you cannot feel your toes! 

We have yet to get much rain let alone snow.   The traces of snowy mountain tops we see from our porch are diminishing at rapid speeds.  In fact, I can no longer tell if I am seeing snow or just big boulders drenched by sunlight.

I'm a pretty early riser and find that my morning ritual has become searching for all the boys in the morning.  Chris is usually hidden in the burrito like shape next to me while the other two are a little more challenging to find.  

Gage is often found between the couch and slightly under the coffee table.  This preferred sleeping spot is close to the fireplace making it prime real estate in this house.

Mani is more of a covert operator when it comes to bedtime...

He can literally squeeze himself into any warm situation he can manage.  He is often a dream state accessory for me, doubling as a neck scarf!

Oh how I love my boys and how they all bring such simplistic joy to my mornings!

Love & Lollies... 

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  1. your dogs are so cute!

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. I've no choice - follow you and your boys!

  2. Thanks Lyosha! They are pretty hard to resist!

    xoxo Jessa

  3. Cute pups! My dog loves to snuggle when it starts getting a bit colder outside. ;) xoTori

  4. LOVE IT!!


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