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New blog feature!  Blog recording...  Now you can listen to me instead of all that reading nonsense!  =D  Let me know what you think!  Just press play and follow along!  Love & Lollies!

Today started like any other errand day.  Took a shower, brushed the hair and teeth, skipped the make up and put on my favorite casual Friday get up.  I was out and about, lookin all frump-tastic in my blue jeans, when the news came in... thats right big news.  Confessions has hit the big time!  "What's that?"  The BIG time... listed number three on Bloglovin's up and coming blogs in my category.

So what's a girl to do when she receives news of this sort of epic proportions?!?!  Call everyone and anyone who might be in the slightest bit interested, that's what!  After completing my three phone calls I was still left unsatisfied by the lack of excitement... they were acting like the fame of this monumental achievement was going straight to my head.  I thought I was handling pretty well...

Now where did those come from?!  ::sigh:: Dang, paparazzi!  =D

But seriously I was pretty stocked and found myself beaming with excitement!  So what to do next?  Random Dance thats what!

Hope you enjoyed my randomness and although my fame will most likely be short lived it was an awesome day!

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  1. Cute post! Your vids don;t work tho! Says they are private!


  2. Thanks Jasmine! All fixed now... I am still getting the hang of all the video jazz! Thanks for letting me know doll! How is the hubby?

  3. RANDOM DANCE PARTY! Whoo-hoo! ::dances along::

  4. That is great news! Congrats! Thank you also for stopping by my blog....-Jessica

  5. Thanks Jessica! Thanks for coming over to visit!


  6. Hahahaha, love it! It's great to hear the voice that goes along with the posts and I adore your Random Dance!! Yeah, you had me chair bopping ;)


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