Sweet Peek of the Week - Jo of Lost in the Haze

Today we get the special treat of talking to Jo from Lost in the Haze.  I was so excited when Jo wanted to answer our interview questions that I actually did a little happy dance!  I know... I am a goof...

If you haven't had the pleasure of getting to know Jo she is a South East Asia native relocated to New Zealand where she writes and stars in her fashion blog Lost in the Haze.   She loves vintage, especially sailor oriented ensembles, cat print clothing, visiting scenic places, and cupcakes (amongst many other things).  She also looks amazing in red lipstick!  (I always find myself reminding her so in my comments)

Anywho, enough from me... let's ask Jo!

Jo, in your own words, tell us a little more about yourself & Lost in the Haze...

My name is Jo, and I am a 22 year old living in New Zealand. I wanted somewhere to showcase my vintage and indie inspired fashion, and finally my boyfriend, Barnaby convinced me to start my own fashion blog! Lost in the Haze is a little glimpse into picturesque New Zealand, as well as beautiful photography and video content, and my bowler hat and lipstick collection!

I was just talking about my obsession with you red hues... What, other than bowler hats and lipstick of course, continues to inspire you?

My inspiration comes from all over! If I am feeling completely uninspired, we will set off on a trip into the country - the New Zealand landscape always gives me fresh ideas! I also spend a lot of time looking at blogs, and planning dream outfits in my head.

Finding inspiration is obviously not a challenge for you, but have there been obstacles you've had to overcome in the creation of Lost in the Haze?

The biggest obstacle for me has been the Christchurch earthquake. Lost in the Haze had only been running for about a week when the September earthquake hit my wee city. We were able to move forward - until the enormous February earthquake hit! 2011 has been a hectic year; we have lived with Barnaby's mum and then with his dad (my parents live overseas, so we have few options!) As there are still earthquakes happening, it means a lot of my favourite places are now inaccessible - or destroyed. I would love to have shown off the wonderful Christchurch CBD and it's heritage buildings; but sadly, most are now demolished.

That is so sad... how do you stay strong and push forward with all the devastation happening around you and your home?

Like most Christchurch residents, we try to move forward. We eventually secured ourselves new (and safe!) accommodation, and discovered new parts of the city to show off.

You're such an inspiration Jo and I feel like we all know you a little better!  Being such a strong woman, with such beautiful aspirations, we'd all love to hear your advice for making visions into realities.

Go for it! If there's anything that I've learnt - it's don't be afraid to try! You never know what you can achieve! : )

Thank you Jo for your beautiful answers and we all look forward to seeing many more beautiful posts from you in the future!

Love & Lollies....

All Photos Copyright © Lost in the Haze 2011.  All Rights Reserved

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  1. Lovely post, she´s super cute, love her style!


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  2. Jo is beautiful. And she has my daughter's name :O) so extra kudos to her.


  3. very good post (: happy 2012!


  4. ~always like hearing about new interesting blogs, will definitely check out Lost in the Haze, glad you shared it with us.
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  5. Thank you so much for sharing :) I shall now check out her blog!! Hope you have a happy new years!!

    Jo Bao ♥

  6. lovely post! happy new years:)

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  7. I love this girl! Thanks for visiting my blog : ) I can post my vegan cupcake recipe soon, so check back in! your blog url reminded me !

    your blog is very lovely... I shall be taking a peek often! happy new year!

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    Happy New Year sweetie! xx

  9. I love Jo's blog, this is such an interesting insight, that I might not have known just from reading her blog!


  10. Great post, thanks for sharing.

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  11. The first pictures is amazing! Happy New Year's

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