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I find myself randomly scanning the current Etsy listings quite frequently lately.  With Christmas being in full swing all the shops are just packed with darling holiday goodies.  I love seeing so much of the stock for this year's decor revolving around... wait for it... cupcakes.

My husband and I have a rustic style tree... correction... we have rustic style decorations (most of which still remain in there snug wrappers from last season) so most of my browsing is, sadly, just window shopping.  Until...

I saw these little cuties!
Typically cupcakes tend to not mesh well with our bear, moose, and owl theme but these just might be able to play nice.  I just may be able to get away with it without the hubby noticing the sweet treats imposing on our wildlife's territory.  Do not get me wrong I am an avid fan and supporter of my residing woodland creatures but "hello" The Cupcake Countessa?!  Do I really have to wait until Easter to pull out the cupcake ornaments?   

So who is the gal who came up with this darling concept?  Lets ask Janell of Cuddle Cups our Fast Five and find out!

Janell, can you tell us a little more about Cuddle Cups?

My handmade cupcakes came to life when I couldn't find a faux cupcake that would serve as a centerpiece for my daughter's Birthday party, be a favor & gift, look good with other cupcakes, and child-friendly. After tweaking lots of ideas, I came up with my felt Cuddle Cup that is soft to the touch and also pretty enough to scent your room, be your pin-cushion, or be on your kitchen counter. My Cuddle Cup Etsy Store started because I figured that other people would enjoy or need the same thing for their special occasion or reason, and I guess I was right. I started to make other cupcake gifts to go with my original items after some requests. If I do my job right, then my cupcakes will give you a little heartfelt cuddle at the end of the day. 

Job well done.  They make me smile just looking at them!   You mentioned how your daughter was part of the inspiration.  What else continues to inspire you?

My husband would have to be my inspiration for me "doing what I love". I try to do my best at all the little things that consume me every day as a wife and mom, but I didn't think I could fit myself in on that agenda. My husband always tells me that I deserve to find what makes me happy after working so hard for everyone else. Once I started giving myself that time and becoming my own cheerleader, I learned so much about what I loved to do and I am so much happier because of it. 

That is so sweet!  Support is so necessary to succeed.  Have there been any challenges or obstacles you've faced?

I have a real problem with negativity! I always like to stand my ground and defend something that I like, but there is always someone with a negative opinion.

How are you overcoming this?

I have worked really hard to just let things go and move on to more important things than worry about people holding me back. I continue to tackle this obstacle all the time!

What advice do you have for others hoping to catch their dreams?

You can't get that time back that your waisting wondering if you can make your ideas a reality. Everything takes hard work anyways, so why not put the work towards something you really want to do? 

Thank you to Janell of Cuddle Cups for you inspirational answers!  Look forward to seeing many more amazing pieces from the shop.  Hopefully Chris & I will finally get ourselves a Christmas Tree but with as much traveling will be scheduled for I will try to remain content with using our tree skirt as a table centerpiece.

Love & Lollies...

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  1. You know, I never would have guessed that you liked cupcakes. Who knew?!


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