Random Poetry

Dear Motivation,

Oh, motivation where did you go?
You were here this morning
but now you won't show

Was it the coffee?
That imitated your touch
Or was it the threat?
of the holiday crunch

You see

e-mails need sending
while dresses need mending
but when you're not here
I am only pretending

To type a blog
of what's happening now
but without your presence
I just don't see how

I can get it all done
before the fall of the sun

So please give back
whatever you took
please do not sentence me
to a day of Facebook!

Love, Jessa

Can you tell I am procrastinating and why is it when all else fails we wade through Facebook?  Hope this little time waster brought all you busy bees a free moment to smile!

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  1. Somedays it truly is Jo! Loved admiring your latest post!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa


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xx Jessa

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