First YouTube Tutorial - Faux Hawk

I decided to make a video tutorial for the hair style featured in my latest style confessions.  I always get so many compliments on this look and it's so easy!
This look is so much fun and adds a little edge to any outfit.  I style my hair quite often this way when I have day-old hair that refuses to cooperate.  Since I color my hair, I avoid washing every day to preserve the longevity of my shades.  Here is my tutorial debut!

Here is what you'll need...

A Comb with a pointed end or a teasing brush
Hair bands to separate hair

You can now get this look in just four super easy steps.

Step one:

Part middle section of hair approximately four to five inches wide.  You'll want this section to be the length of the top of your head.  Avoid taking the part down too far onto the back of your head.  Use a hair band to keep hair separated.

Step Two:

Comb sides to the back until they lay as smooth as possible.  Twist hair and pin it in the middle of the back of the head just below the center section.  You'll want to try to hide the bobby pins as well as you can.  Spray.

Step Three:

Tease the center portion of the hair.  Starting from the back of the sectioned area; take the pointed end of your comb and/or brush and part out approximately an inch of hair.  (For more height create smaller sections)  Tease, spray, and lay back.  Continue this process until you reach the layer closest to your forehead.  With this layer you'll want to avoid over teasing to ensure a sleek finished look.

Step Four:

Mold your faux hawk until you are satisfied with the look and height making sure to cover bobby pins.  Spray to set and smooth out any fly-aways.  Add a flower if you'd like and you're done!

Have fun with it and make it your own adding braids to the sides or even a pony as Kesha demonstrates above.  The possibilities are endless.

So 'Tessas, any tutorials you'd like to see?


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