Christmas Blues...

I have been a little sad this afternoon... as most of you know I was suppose to be leaving today with the hubby and the boys, but unfortunately Gage has been feeling under the weather.  We have had Gage since he was a wee little thing, picking him out at a local pet shop at only a few weeks old.  A month or so later, on Christmas, we got to bring him home as our first Christmas gift to one another.   As he gets older he suffers more with his joints, very common in larger breeds, becoming worse with the increasingly colder weather.  Nine years later he is like our baby and when he is hurting the whole world stops and we change our course to revolve around him.

Our past Christmas card photo taken by our friend Patrick Pike

Although, he is moving around better, after hours in front of the fireplace, we still wouldn't want to strain him with a long road trip and excessive in and outs of the car.

So here I am... alone with the boys missing my Babes on Christmas.  I just couldn't stop kissing him goodbye!   But I have stayed busy... finding cheer through some amazing bloggers and making new friends.

I will be heading out to a late dinner with the parentals in a few hours and look forward to the warm embraces of family.

I am so grateful that Gage is pepping up and that my honey is safe with his family!  I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas no matter what package it comes to you in.

Love & Hollies... Jessa

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  1. Cute blog, who doesn't love cupcakes?

    Mind checking out my blog? (:

  2. After reading this post I felt a knot on my throat. I am sorry to hear about Gage, My mother in law broke her back a few years ago and now during the winter her joints hurt to the point where she can't even move. I hope Gage is feeling much better and you had a great time with your parents.

    Merry Christmas <3
    Mary from ♥ ♥

  3. Oh, no. Poor baby! Though getting on in years, I still think of Gage as the sweet puppy he's always been. I am sad you didn't get to go with your hubby, but I'm glad Gage and 'Mani got to spend Christmas with their mama. You've both done a great job with your boys and it shows. ::hugs::

  4. Lovely picture!! Hows is Gage now?

  5. Thanks June! He is doing much better the last few days. Sleeping by the fireplace a lot but all around feeling good!


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