Candy Cane Nails Tutorial

Two years ago I painted my nails as candy canes for the holidays.  They were such a big hit that I thought I would share an easy how-to with you just in time for Christmas.

I purchased new polishes from The Dollar Store with makes this look not only simple but very affordable.

All you will need is a basic red polish and an art deco polish brush in white.  Both are LA Colors and both were only a dollar!

Start by painting your nails red...

This particular polish had a bit of a pinky undertone so I applied two coats.

Next you'll want to add your stripes.  Start with the thicker lines first then adding the thinner more delicate lines on one or either side of the larger ones.

Finish this look with a healthy coat of clear polish.  Candy canes have a bit of a shine and so will your nails.

Easy as pie!  You can also watch the video if you'd like to see it in action.

Hope you have a merry & festive holiday!

Love & Lollies...

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  1. Love those holiday nails! So fun!! :) You have a great blog! Love your header!


  2. Love the candy cane design, so cute for the holidays!

  3. wow this is too cute. will try them for the holidays!

    check out my blog? I always follow back <3


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