Beauty Haul & Review: E.L.F.

During the Cyber Monday frenzy I found myself irresistibly tempted by an online deal for Eyes Lips & Face.  The special promotion consisted of 50% off your entire order & free shipping on all orders over $20!  Pretty hard to resist... so I decided to give the brand a try and purchase some much needed pieces my tool box was currently lacking.

Not a bad turnout for my twenty dollars.  I ended up purchasing ten items for a total of twenty dollars with the shipping free.  I have never tried this brand and have been excited to get my hands on them and play.

I have been out of my favorite concealer/highlighter for quite some time now.  Unfortunately, the manufacturer no longer makes the specific one I was so fond of, causing me to frantically search stores for a decent substitute.

At a whopping three dollars, before my discount, this was at least worth a shot.  The Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter claims to correct under eye problematic areas, such as dark circles and bags, with ease.   I found the concealer, in fair, to be very pale and to work well with my skin tone.  The texture is nice and thick but not sticky or heavy feeling, covering most imperfections rather nicely.  I really like the addition of the highlighter.  It adds a nice glow under eyes and really does reflect the light well, while creating the look of more rested eyes.  On a scale of 1 to 5 hearts...

Pros:  Good fix for the price/Covers evenly/Goes on smoothly/Reflects light as described

Cons:  Could be a little bit thicker/Can settle into fine lines

I always want my eyes to be the focal point of all the makeup looks I wear.  As a back up I also purchased the Mineral Eye Brightener.
I purchased this item in the only shade available of Buff.  This product is claimed to also correct the appearance of any dark circles around eyes.  I found myself pretty disappointed in this item.  It has a very unnatural yellow hue to it which on fair skin looks almost sickly.  The coverage was not very great and doesn't seem to work for the delicate skin around and under the eyes.  I did end up trying to salvage my investment by applying to a small blemish I have.  Success!  Although you will still need to use a delicate amount to prevent the chalky and flaky appearance it does help.  The overall score will be based off the items intended use.


Pros:  Multipurpose

Cons: Chalky/Flaky/Yellow/Drying

I ended up purchasing three of the next item.  I have been looking for a makeup setting spray that wouldn't break the bank.

The Makeup Mist & Set was recommended to me and the main reason for my order.  This spray is enriched with vitamins, aloe, green tea, and cucumber claiming to keep your makeup in place all day.  I am very pleased by this product and although it can feel sticky when first applied it becomes rather refreshing when settled.

Pros:  Keeps makeup in place/refreshes skin's radiance/Easy to use/Applies rather evenly

Cons:  Needs to be applied more than once/Can be slightly sticky

The last batch of goodies from my haul were some much needed nail polishes.  I have many bright and bold colors but have found that I am lacking in the neutral tones.  With a deal like this I just had to refresh my collection.

I selected four shades from the Essential Nail Polishes and couldn't be happier.  The nail polish has a great consistancy and applies very nicely.  With only one coat the color is true to hue and has a beautiful shiny finish.  The polish also dries rather quickly which is always a plus in my book!  Be careful not to apply too much though... a little goes a long way with this brand.

The Colors I Received

      1.  Innocent                     2.  Dessert Haze               3.  Mod Mauve               4.  Smokey Brown

I also picked up a glittery gold polish for the holidays... maybe New Years?  Any-who, I wanted something that sparkled!  I like it but wish it had more of a gold base.  With a couple coats it becomes a little more dramatic.

       5.  Golden Goddess


Pros:  Dries quickly/True to hue/Great consistency/Easy to use/Little goes a long ways

Cons:  Will drip if too generously applied

So that's what I treated myself to this Cyber Monday.  Hope you find it helpful when considering E.L.F products.  I am always eager to support cruelty-free products!  

So 'Tessas, what great deals did you find on Cyber Monday?

Love & Lollies...

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  1. haven't tried any products from E.L.F myself but I do know many Estonians are kind of crazy about E.L.F and order stuff all the time.
    btw, that Smokey Brown nail polish looks very cool indeed! ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. WOW. That's such an amazing deal! I'm regretting that I missed such a fabulous find!

  3. Maiken - I am a huge fan of the smokey brown and love the fact that that is the result you get with only one coat. At two dollars, normal price, it's still a great buy.

    Rosy - This company is constantly having these sort of promotions! (as I've discovered through my junk mail) Be sure to check in with them at times if you're interested!


  4. This is a great post! I always see this brand but am too nervous to try it - I spend a FORTUNE on the makeup setting spray I currently use, so I might have to try this one out instead!


  5. I love the Golden Goddess nailpolish. It's sparkly and perfect for New Years! :) Now I've gotta find something similar for my new years nails!


  6. Wow, you found a lot goodies there:)
    I have a GIVEAWAY ON MY BLOG NOW, so hurry up to participate:) --->
    Much love,

  7. thanks for stopping by my blog and i glad that your excited about the series!
    much love

  8. I tried out the concealer/highlighter duo when I was staying over at a friends house and forgot mine and I have to say it was really impressive! I put some highlighter under my brows and it definitely gave a good lift to my eyebrows which sit not really that far above my eyes.

    Morag x

  9. thanks for stopping by with the super sweet comment!!! I LOVE when people post beauty products because i'm always trying new things!! love love love this post!!
    love, gemma

  10. ps, I'm your 100th follower!!!!!! so exciting! your blog is awesome :)

  11. nice post!!!

  12. ELF has some amazing deals! nice haul you made and I totally want those colors of nail polish you got!

    and I'm following you as well!

  13. Lobe the gold glitter polish!
    xx Lexi
    FASHION: Glitter & Pearls
    WEDDINGS: Glitter Weddings

  14. Thanks ladies for all the lovely comments and for everyone who is following! It makes my cheeks hurt!

    Gemma - I am soooo happy you are number 100! I find it so appropriate as Gemma is my favorite girl name ever!

    xoxo Jessa

  15. I love E.L.F! Their products are kind of hit or miss but it's worth it for such a cheap price. I love their matte clear coat nail polish. It's the best I've ever tried and it's SO cheap!

  16. I love Elf! Need to try the butter glitter color! -Jessica

  17. I really like ELF because it's cheap and works.


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