Sweet Peek of the Week - Jo of Lost in the Haze

Today we get the special treat of talking to Jo from Lost in the Haze.  I was so excited when Jo wanted to answer our interview questions that I actually did a little happy dance!  I know... I am a goof...

If you haven't had the pleasure of getting to know Jo she is a South East Asia native relocated to New Zealand where she writes and stars in her fashion blog Lost in the Haze.   She loves vintage, especially sailor oriented ensembles, cat print clothing, visiting scenic places, and cupcakes (amongst many other things).  She also looks amazing in red lipstick!  (I always find myself reminding her so in my comments)

Anywho, enough from me... let's ask Jo!

Jo, in your own words, tell us a little more about yourself & Lost in the Haze...

My name is Jo, and I am a 22 year old living in New Zealand. I wanted somewhere to showcase my vintage and indie inspired fashion, and finally my boyfriend, Barnaby convinced me to start my own fashion blog! Lost in the Haze is a little glimpse into picturesque New Zealand, as well as beautiful photography and video content, and my bowler hat and lipstick collection!

I was just talking about my obsession with you red hues... What, other than bowler hats and lipstick of course, continues to inspire you?

My inspiration comes from all over! If I am feeling completely uninspired, we will set off on a trip into the country - the New Zealand landscape always gives me fresh ideas! I also spend a lot of time looking at blogs, and planning dream outfits in my head.

Finding inspiration is obviously not a challenge for you, but have there been obstacles you've had to overcome in the creation of Lost in the Haze?

The biggest obstacle for me has been the Christchurch earthquake. Lost in the Haze had only been running for about a week when the September earthquake hit my wee city. We were able to move forward - until the enormous February earthquake hit! 2011 has been a hectic year; we have lived with Barnaby's mum and then with his dad (my parents live overseas, so we have few options!) As there are still earthquakes happening, it means a lot of my favourite places are now inaccessible - or destroyed. I would love to have shown off the wonderful Christchurch CBD and it's heritage buildings; but sadly, most are now demolished.

That is so sad... how do you stay strong and push forward with all the devastation happening around you and your home?

Like most Christchurch residents, we try to move forward. We eventually secured ourselves new (and safe!) accommodation, and discovered new parts of the city to show off.

You're such an inspiration Jo and I feel like we all know you a little better!  Being such a strong woman, with such beautiful aspirations, we'd all love to hear your advice for making visions into realities.

Go for it! If there's anything that I've learnt - it's don't be afraid to try! You never know what you can achieve! : )

Thank you Jo for your beautiful answers and we all look forward to seeing many more beautiful posts from you in the future!

Love & Lollies....

All Photos Copyright © Lost in the Haze 2011.  All Rights Reserved

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Up & Coming... ®

New blog feature!  Blog recording...  Now you can listen to me instead of all that reading nonsense!  =D  Let me know what you think!  Just press play and follow along!  Love & Lollies!

Today started like any other errand day.  Took a shower, brushed the hair and teeth, skipped the make up and put on my favorite casual Friday get up.  I was out and about, lookin all frump-tastic in my blue jeans, when the news came in... thats right big news.  Confessions has hit the big time!  "What's that?"  The BIG time... listed number three on Bloglovin's up and coming blogs in my category.

So what's a girl to do when she receives news of this sort of epic proportions?!?!  Call everyone and anyone who might be in the slightest bit interested, that's what!  After completing my three phone calls I was still left unsatisfied by the lack of excitement... they were acting like the fame of this monumental achievement was going straight to my head.  I thought I was handling pretty well...

Now where did those come from?!  ::sigh:: Dang, paparazzi!  =D

But seriously I was pretty stocked and found myself beaming with excitement!  So what to do next?  Random Dance thats what!

Hope you enjoyed my randomness and although my fame will most likely be short lived it was an awesome day!

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A Sprinkle of Life - December 21st through December 29th

It has been a week of ups and downs for me.  I had a rough patch at the beginning of this post week where I felt very disgruntled and frustrated with things I could not currently control.  I believe this happens to us all, from time to time, but found that my little spell was almost toxic at a time of year when it is the most inappropriate.

It takes a lot to irritate me.  I grew up in a house of five children and being the oldest child tends to make you prone to becoming a patient individual.  Needless to say, I am extremely patient, but this certain issue felt like a road block sign stating "dreams this way, do not enter".  I felt myself wanting to scream back at it "you can't stop me".  I wish I had because the emotions that seeped out of me were not ones I particularly wanted to share with the world let alone the ones I love.

The truth of the matter is it can't stop me.  The only thing that can prevent me from going where I need to go is me... I was preventing myself from moving forward by sinking into a cesspool of tainted emotions.  I have since started my self medicating with a healthy does of shut the heck up and am feeling much better.  My life is wonderful in the most imperfect of ways and I wouldn't want it any different.   Sometimes we just need to give ourselves a good reminder in the form of a slap in the face.

I have since found myself renewed with more determination than ever before!  I refuse to lie down and take it... I prefer to make it!  My new state of mind has lead me to the most amazing few days and left me feeling even more grateful for all I have.

'Tessa's have you ever just lost self control?  What do you do to fix it?

PS Stay tuned tomorrow for a very special Sweet Peek of the Week.  Want another clue as to who she is?  Bowler hats... =D

Love & Lollies...

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Beauty Haul & Review: E.L.F.

During the Cyber Monday frenzy I found myself irresistibly tempted by an online deal for Eyes Lips & Face.  The special promotion consisted of 50% off your entire order & free shipping on all orders over $20!  Pretty hard to resist... so I decided to give the brand a try and purchase some much needed pieces my tool box was currently lacking.

Not a bad turnout for my twenty dollars.  I ended up purchasing ten items for a total of twenty dollars with the shipping free.  I have never tried this brand and have been excited to get my hands on them and play.

I have been out of my favorite concealer/highlighter for quite some time now.  Unfortunately, the manufacturer no longer makes the specific one I was so fond of, causing me to frantically search stores for a decent substitute.

At a whopping three dollars, before my discount, this was at least worth a shot.  The Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter claims to correct under eye problematic areas, such as dark circles and bags, with ease.   I found the concealer, in fair, to be very pale and to work well with my skin tone.  The texture is nice and thick but not sticky or heavy feeling, covering most imperfections rather nicely.  I really like the addition of the highlighter.  It adds a nice glow under eyes and really does reflect the light well, while creating the look of more rested eyes.  On a scale of 1 to 5 hearts...

Pros:  Good fix for the price/Covers evenly/Goes on smoothly/Reflects light as described

Cons:  Could be a little bit thicker/Can settle into fine lines

I always want my eyes to be the focal point of all the makeup looks I wear.  As a back up I also purchased the Mineral Eye Brightener.
I purchased this item in the only shade available of Buff.  This product is claimed to also correct the appearance of any dark circles around eyes.  I found myself pretty disappointed in this item.  It has a very unnatural yellow hue to it which on fair skin looks almost sickly.  The coverage was not very great and doesn't seem to work for the delicate skin around and under the eyes.  I did end up trying to salvage my investment by applying to a small blemish I have.  Success!  Although you will still need to use a delicate amount to prevent the chalky and flaky appearance it does help.  The overall score will be based off the items intended use.


Pros:  Multipurpose

Cons: Chalky/Flaky/Yellow/Drying

I ended up purchasing three of the next item.  I have been looking for a makeup setting spray that wouldn't break the bank.

The Makeup Mist & Set was recommended to me and the main reason for my order.  This spray is enriched with vitamins, aloe, green tea, and cucumber claiming to keep your makeup in place all day.  I am very pleased by this product and although it can feel sticky when first applied it becomes rather refreshing when settled.

Pros:  Keeps makeup in place/refreshes skin's radiance/Easy to use/Applies rather evenly

Cons:  Needs to be applied more than once/Can be slightly sticky

The last batch of goodies from my haul were some much needed nail polishes.  I have many bright and bold colors but have found that I am lacking in the neutral tones.  With a deal like this I just had to refresh my collection.

I selected four shades from the Essential Nail Polishes and couldn't be happier.  The nail polish has a great consistancy and applies very nicely.  With only one coat the color is true to hue and has a beautiful shiny finish.  The polish also dries rather quickly which is always a plus in my book!  Be careful not to apply too much though... a little goes a long way with this brand.

The Colors I Received

      1.  Innocent                     2.  Dessert Haze               3.  Mod Mauve               4.  Smokey Brown

I also picked up a glittery gold polish for the holidays... maybe New Years?  Any-who, I wanted something that sparkled!  I like it but wish it had more of a gold base.  With a couple coats it becomes a little more dramatic.

       5.  Golden Goddess


Pros:  Dries quickly/True to hue/Great consistency/Easy to use/Little goes a long ways

Cons:  Will drip if too generously applied

So that's what I treated myself to this Cyber Monday.  Hope you find it helpful when considering E.L.F products.  I am always eager to support cruelty-free products!  

So 'Tessas, what great deals did you find on Cyber Monday?

Love & Lollies...

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Ringtones - Simon's Cat

I've been playing around with the iPhone a lot more lately and just as I expected I am hooked!  Today I created my own custom ringtones (as most standard tones begin to drive me nuts) and I love it!

It's Simon's kitten from Double Trouble & Catnap!  I used the kitten's intro from Catnap and I find myself giggle like a school girl every time I hear it!  If you've never seen Simon's Cat you must... so cute!

Love & Lollies...

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I finally got around to downloading Instagram & must say "what was I waiting for"!  I couldn't resist playing around with it while I nibbled away on my cashews.  I never did get to purchase my camera but I believe with Instagram the wait may just be bearable!  

I love my little cupcake container I received as a Christmas gift from one of my wonderful sponsors!

Love & Lollies...

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Loving Yourself - Top Five of 2011

I was going to create this post for tomorrow but I just couldn't resist posting it!  Besides, I have a busy day away from the computer tomorrow so I will let you have it now.  Bad Jessa always ruining surprises!  ♥

Back in 2010 Cosmo released a list of the top ten songs that encourage us to love ourselves.  I was hoping they would re-vamp this list based off of all the inspiring music released in 2011.  Since it has yet to happen I decided to make my own list!

1.  Firework - By Katy Perry

Currently ranked number three on the Billboard Hot 100 of 2011 list this song is said to be considered, by Katy, the most important song of her album Teenage Dream.

2.  Bruno Mars - Just The Way Your Are

Ranked number thirteen on the list, Just The Way You Are, is Bruno's lead single from his debut album Doo-Wops & Hooligans.

3.  Lady Gaga - Born This Way

Gaga wrote and produced Born This Way as her Freedom Song.  It currently hits the list at eighteen. 

4.  Pink - Perfect

Although this song was considered controversial it made it to number two on the Billboard 100 and currently ranks number nineteen for the year.

5.  Selena Gomez - Who Says

Down the list of the top 100 coming in at seventy eight is Who Says.  Selena intentions with this song were to inspire people to stand up against the "Haters" and cyberbullies and though it is last on our list it's message is at the top.

So there you have it... the top five self loving songs on the Billboards Hot 100 of 2011.  I have added a playlist with these and other encouraging tunes at the bottom of the blog.  So if you need a boost of self love press play and rock out.

So 'Tessas is there any songs you'd like to add to the list?  Old or new?  Let me know & help the list grow!

Love & Lollies...

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Manic Mondays #5

Had a wonderful holiday with loved ones and though I missed my Babe terribly I am glad he is getting some free time to spend with his family.  I can't wait for him to be home!  With Christmas coming to an end new holiday spirit is just getting started!

Vintage sequin party dress...

Silly photo props are a must...

Wonderful mood lighting...

New hair decor to match that party dress...

Some amazing shoes...

fun toasting glasses...

great accessories...

and, of course, cupcake toppers!

There you have it!  The perfect recipe for one amazing New Years Eve bash!

Love & Lollies...

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Christmas Blues...

I have been a little sad this afternoon... as most of you know I was suppose to be leaving today with the hubby and the boys, but unfortunately Gage has been feeling under the weather.  We have had Gage since he was a wee little thing, picking him out at a local pet shop at only a few weeks old.  A month or so later, on Christmas, we got to bring him home as our first Christmas gift to one another.   As he gets older he suffers more with his joints, very common in larger breeds, becoming worse with the increasingly colder weather.  Nine years later he is like our baby and when he is hurting the whole world stops and we change our course to revolve around him.

Our past Christmas card photo taken by our friend Patrick Pike

Although, he is moving around better, after hours in front of the fireplace, we still wouldn't want to strain him with a long road trip and excessive in and outs of the car.

So here I am... alone with the boys missing my Babes on Christmas.  I just couldn't stop kissing him goodbye!   But I have stayed busy... finding cheer through some amazing bloggers and making new friends.

I will be heading out to a late dinner with the parentals in a few hours and look forward to the warm embraces of family.

I am so grateful that Gage is pepping up and that my honey is safe with his family!  I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas no matter what package it comes to you in.

Love & Hollies... Jessa

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone.  Hope you are sharing it with those you love.

May your season be bright and your hearts be light!

Love & Lollies... 

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What My Hubby Found - Owl Family

Although Chris can be a bit shy around cameras, he is not so when it comes to a good sale.  He has been my partner in crime and is now my partner in the search for yard sale & thrift store treasures.  I love how enthusiastic he has become in our escapades and although he burns out in a matter of hours I cherish every moment we spend together.

So what has Chris found?

These beautiful, hand-painted saw blades that currently reside over our guest bed.

He was so excited when he found these hand-crafted beauties.

Meet our resident owl family!  They are now the newest addition to our wildlife sanctuary and I couldn't be happier to have them.

Chris was so proud of himself when he bought these for me and I was so happy to see him smile!  Heres some good news... Chris has finally agreed to be ON the blog.  Hopefully in the future I will post more of us.  I told him that people were going to start thinking he was imaginary otherwise.  

Our first Christmas as Hubby & Wife!

Merry Christmas from all of us to you.  May you be blessed in all you do.

Love & Lollies... Jessa, Chris, Gage, Armani, Rem, Colta, & Little Girl

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