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This week we are getting to know a little more about one crafty lady!  Sally is the founder and creative master mind behind KTBDesigns.  She creates everything from crocheted goodies, paper crafts, even patterns for those with a love of creating.   I was super excited to get to know a woman who not only brought people joy by delivering crafty goodies but also works as a labour nurse delivering babies!  How amazing is that?

I just feel head over heels for this little set the minute I saw it!  So sweet!  Time to ask Sally our Fast Five!

Sally can you tell us a little more about KTBDesigns?

KTBdesigns is all about making things, for as long as I can remember I have loved to make things...didn't seem to matter what the medium was....yarn, paper, needle and thread, beads....I dabble in all kinds of things. The name KTBdesigns came from my daughter, her name is Katie, when she was young she called herself Katie B (because there was another Katie in her kindergarden class...the teacher had to differentiate the two girls....thus KatieB...she would say...
No, mom, you have to call me Katie B.....thus the name.

I love that your daughter was part of the inspiration!  What continues to inspire you?

I am inspired by many different things, colours paired together in fashion magazines, fabrics, cookbooks, scrapbook paper. Sometimes, I am not sure where things come from...they just start out in my head and end up in my hands.
I am amazed that I can talk to people and send items and patterns all over the world. It fascinates me to think that someone in Cyprus will own one of my creations. It really is a small world. 

It always amazes me to see what people can create with just a vision and their own two hands!  Have there been any obstacles you've had to face in the creation of KTBDesigns?

As many people in my generation (real close to an old girl), I am not very computer savy. I still struggle with blogs, and web stats, and the interent. 
I just keep pushing the buttons 'till it works, or call my hubby or son to help me figure it out. I learn as I go.
I also struggle with time, lack of it. I spend my days of working on crafty things...but sometimes there just isn't enough time to do all the things that I would like...maybe when I retire??

Hehe I have mashed a far share of buttons myself!  I just love it when some off the wall combination finally works but you have no idea how to duplicate it!  Priceless!  If someone asked you how to achieve their vision what would you say?

What are you waiting for? Just jump in and get started. 

So true!  Thank you so much Sally for letting us into that crafty mind of yours!  I love what you do and hope that KTBDesigns will not be retiring anytime soon!  

Sally is continuing to deliver plenty of joy this week by offering us all a chance to win her cupcake clothes pins!  

They would make such cute addition to any clothesline!  See below to enter and remember "Just jump in and get started!"


  1. Great review/interview! Love Sally's creations)

  2. @Lulu

    Isn't she wonderful! Her store is too cute for words! I love everything she is currently posting on her blog.

    ♥ Jessa


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