Style Confessions - 1940's

Today I felt inspired by one of the most empowering photos known to women.  Can you guess which?
Yes, Rosie the Riveter!  Known for the slogan "We Can Do It", Rosie represented women who worked in the factories during World War II.
I found this 1940's black dress more than fitting for the look.  I went with The Riveter's iconic hairstyle with a matching bandana of course.
I added my own "twist" to the hairstyle by throwing in a couple victory rolls.  I believe this is very appropriate seeing as women have seen many victories since Rosie's time!  She will continue to be a cultural icon for empowering generations of women to come.  I even found myself radiating a little bit of The Riveter's no BS approach today!  Isn't it funny just how much things inspire us and our actions?

So 'Tessas, have you even found yourself behaviorally influenced by an inspired look?


  1. That is super cute! Wish my hair was long enough for victory rolls...

  2. @Laci Morgan

    I think you'd be surprised what you can pull off with even the shortest of locks! Try this video tutorial...


  3. Reminds me of the girl from Paramore. Pretty :)

  4. I love the 1940's fashion!! I have a million of those bandana's, and I'm learning how to do finger waves! These pictures are super cute. (:

  5. MadLib - Oh my goodness! I give you major props! Finger waves are quite a challenge! xoxo

  6. I just found this post by accident and omg Jessa it's my favorite ever!!!!! You look absolutely stunning in this dress! And your hair!! Let's just talk about how AMAZING it is and how I wish I could do that to mine!! Wow, this post = my favorite. The end.

  7. Roni - It's so funny that you say this because this post still sees the most hits! I think I may have to do a tutorial very soon on this hair style. It's so simple and works well on any hair! Thanks for all the love, Doll! ::smooches::

  8. I love how you've styled this !
    Love 1940's fashion (:


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xx Jessa

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