Style Confessions - Vineyard Dress

I finally had the opportunity to visit our new Forever 21 in the city an hour outside our town.  The new F21 is enormous, covering three glorious floors.  While scanning the over abundance of goodies I notice, with joy, that a lot of my vintage pieces were being recreated on the displays.   So much so that it inspired me to wear one of my pieces I have not yet worn.  I attempted to find the VERY similar tunic top to show you but, sigh, it was not featured online though there were a lot of options with similar features!

From color, to detailing, to the buttons and bows you can see why I was inspired and glad that I saved this piece until this season!  Call it vint-uition... =D

I found this vineyard dress about a year ago at a local thrift store.  I love the color and all the intricate little grapevines covering the collar.   It even has pockets!  I don't quite understand my obsession with pockets lately, but somewhere somehow it has developed!  I am currently going through an awkward hair phase where I am growing out my hair, but worse, my bangs!  I have been having to get creative with styling these days just to be able to see!  They are in the horrible stage where they are no longer "bangs" but not yet long enough to stay completely behind the ears.  I am starting to become a little bored with my current hair accessories and decided to add a little pizzaz to my hair band.
Insert vintage brooch!  I love this brooch and still wear it even though there is a missing stone.  I am excited to say that I have found a stone that just might work in restoring this little beauty back to it's original state!

So 'Tessas, have you ever had a case of fashion intuition?  What was it and how far prior to the trend?

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