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We decided, as a family, this year we would not have the traditional over the top Thanksgiving.  Last year I had the privilege of throwing my first family Thanksgiving complete with both sides of our families.  I feel so blessed to have been able to host my first Thanksgiving and my Great Grandfather's last in 2010.   He died three months later and we have all missed him terribly since.
For My Grandpa Percy

This year we decided to all go out early for dinner and be home in time for the game.  I grew up as one of five and the only girl... you get the picture!  On the way to dinner I had to stop by our local tee pees for some festive activities!  Oh yeah, my hair is black now!  Something about birthdays inspire hair color transformations.  =D
Tee pee made out of HUGE tree bark!

Found some wild berries...

Found out the hard way that they were blackberries and not wild raspberries!  Do not eat the red ones... yuck!

What I wore...

♥   Its All in the Details   ♥

Dress:  Thrifted
Cardigan:  Wet Seal
Necklace, Bow, Shoes:  F21
Bracelet:  Flea Market in Sunriver OR
Sunglasses:  Retro Boutique in Bend OR
Olive Green Pantyhose:  Vintage

Hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving with those they love!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Light blue-turquoise is definitely your color)

  2. Lulu - Happy Thanksgiving! It is definitely one of my favs. I think the blog is turning into a dead giveaway on that! =D

    Monapete - I got her from the last F21 B1G1 sale! So excited it's happening again! Might have to make the trip...

  3. Thanks Tara-Lee & Sofieuh! I really love the babydoll styles.

    xoxo Jessa


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