Making it a DIY - Do It Yourself Christmas Confessions

If you're at all like me you probably avoided the Black Friday deals like the plague.  Rather than risk getting pepper sprayed or possibly shot in order to save, on average, 25-50% off of retail mark ups I prefer a greener aproach.

Puts a whole new spin to the website name DIY or Die right?  Do it yourself projects really are a wonderful way to save yourself the stress and sleep deprivation while adding personalization to your gifts.  I have comprized a list of some of the DIYs I will be participating in for this year's gift giving season.  Most will be upcycled vintage pieces; which I love!

Idea One:  Tea Cup Candles

Such a tea-lightful idea for the woman in our lives.  I love that I will be able to hand pick cups and scents to fit each individual's home and personality.

Idea Two:  Tea Cup Bird Feeders

Don't pass up on any of those tea cups just yet, you may have use for them.  Although friends and family will most likely not be able to use these until spring (the porcelain can shatter in cold weather) these will be sure to have them smiling into the new year.

Idea Three:  Secret Book

I just adore this idea!  I find it the most difficult to find gifts for the men in my life.  After nine years with my husband I have learned that men can NEVER have too many hiding places!  I think this would also make a wonderful gift for friends and older children alike.  You can also personalize your book selection to match the gift recipient.

And so we don't feel guilty about wasting the pages of a great book here is a tutorial for a book page wreath.

Idea Four:  Coffee Syrups

I found the tutorial for these on Elsie's blog and I am so excited.  Our families are filled with coffee lovers and these will be sure to delight and warm them through the cold winter months!

Idea Five:  Vintage Cupboard Door Serving Tray

I really want to try this for our house.  Everything is autumn colors with a rustic feel and I think these would be darling with fall leaves.  Seems like a wonderful gift idea as well!

So 'Tessas what DIY craft are you planning on taking part in?


  1. the lavender tea cup candle is just awesome ...
    thank you.

  2. Beautiful photos. I really enjoyed your blog. Your photos are adorable just like you.

  3. Rachel - Hope you'll find some amazing cups of your own!

    Hadassah - You are so sweet! Thank you for the kind words. I am so glad you are enjoying the blog! Love hearing from you! xoxo

    ♥ Jessa

  4. I LOVE the teacup candle idea!!! So fun!

  5. I'll definitely try the Secret Book) Love the idea!


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