Commenting Confessions Revisited

I want to revisit yesterday's blog entry.  I wrote in regards to the issue of popular bloggers disabling the ability for readers to comment.  This has been a growing trend that I wanted your opinions on.  After hearing some of your opinions regarding this recent developement I realized something: I approached this topic from a reader's standpoint and not a blogger's.  I, myself, am just a baby blogger, forgetting that other writers just may be reading my posts.   What about them?

Comment by Francesca:

Are we really coming to a crossroads in the blogging community where subbies have no comment?  What about the bloggers who are guinuinely concerned and/or moved by what their readers have to say?  If we really are coming into a new year with a new view, or lack of one, on comments, how do we encourage them?  Or are we doomed to voiceless blogging?

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I sure hope not.  Here are five rules I try to blog by as to encourage my readers and not discourage.

1.  Ask a question...

Asking a question at the end of your entry is a great way to encourage readers to submit their opinions.  Your question will get people thinking about what the article was about, prompting them to give feedback.  This will also allow you to see things you might have overlooked and revisit the topic later.  As I am doing today.

2.  Comment....

Be sure to actively show support to the bloggers you follow.  I believe in getting back what you put out into the world.  By showing your support in the blogging community you encourage others to be supportive.  If you do not have one, get a Blog Lovin' account.  This is a great site for staying up-to-date with the blogs you follow.

3.  Be interactive...

So you've asked the question; now be sure to reply!  Interact with your readers and the feedback they leave you.  I have mine connected to my iPhone so I am immediently notified when something is said or asked.  If this is not possible for you, let your readers know when you might be away from your dashboard for an extended period of time.  They'll understand, but if they think you don't even want to use your commenting section, why would they?

4.  Be humble, be gracious, be kind...
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Be humble... show that you are human.  Be true to yourself and embrace your flaws.  We all have them and people will want to share that with you.  Ask for help when you need it.  Flip the script and let your readers inspire you!
Be gracious... show you care about your readers.  If they have a question or problem try to help them the best you can and be thankful.  Thank them for taking the time to come and they will keep coming back.
Be kind... Do not be argumentative, defensive, or insulting.  Think about your readers and how your words might make them feel.  I compliment my readers all the time!  How can I not?  I have the most darling and beautiful group of followers and I love letting them know I think so!  Your subbies should be your buddies!  Make sure they know how you feel about them.

5.  Write about the comments you receive...

Show you're active in your blog space.  If you notice a trend or a reader needs advice, answer them by writing about it.  When people see you are writing about their questions or answers they will want to be involved.  So involve them.  That's why they are here and why they will continue to be.

Thank you for reading and I hope it will help in creating more freedom of speech in our blogging worlds.  Let me know if you have additional advice.  I'd love to hear it!


  1. though I have not come across any blog that has disables subscribers comments, I would agree with your point if really it is happening.

  2. That is great to hear! I have lost that ability on three of the blogs I follow... which is sad. I am glad to see that this is not happening to everyone. I think this will be a debate in the blogger community for a long time to come. Thanks for your feedback!

    xoxo Jessa

  3. I personally like the idea of keeping comments around... if I really like something or appreciate what the writer wrote about, I like to be able to say that I appreciate it. :) I can see where it could get kind of hard to moderate time-wise in some cases, but I really like comments. It definitely makes me feel good when someone leaves a nice comment.

  4. Me too! =D Thank you for the friend add!

    xoxo Jessa


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