Youtube Confessions **Contest Closed**

I just uploaded my first EVER Youtube video and must confess that it is completely nerve-racking to me! I become a deer in headlights the minute that little green light appears!  Not the best emotional response for my first directorial debut.  =D  But I survived and after numerous takes got something half coherent.
Here is the contest information for anyone that missed it.

"So here is the fun part!  These are the prize for my first contest!  I have aquired another pair and since I adore them, why not share the love?  So the contest is simple:
  1. "Like" me on Facebook (here's the link: The Cupcake Countessa's Page)
  2.  Then, post your status as "I want @The Cupcake Countessa's earrings!"
    • (Be sure to link my page by using the @ sign so that your entry will show up on my page.)  
  3. The winner will be selected at random at midnight PST on November 6th and announced on my Facebook page on the 7th.  
  4. Already a fan?  Just post your status as shown and you will be entered as well!  
Contest is international so anyone can enter.  I will be contacting the winner for shipping information once announced!  Good luck!"

The Prize!

Bow Earrings are so trendy right now!

 With many of our favorite designers dishing out their own creations!
Betsey Johnson

I hope they'll make a great staple in your look as well!

About my video:

Cosmetics Used:  
Light pink shimmer gloss & translucent powder

How to get the look?  The original video has been removed but here is another by Jessica Harlow using purples instead of blue, but in essence the same concept.

Thanks for stoping by and good luck!


  1. You are so cute! I most certainly want those earrings, too! :)

    WV - Honistas: Streetwalkers that moonlight as Starbucks baristas.

  2. @Stephanie Kay You're so sweet! Good luck with the contest!

  3. I'm a Facebook fan - Aik Chien. I tweeted here:!/aikchien/status/131668004080586752

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  4. Your FB fan Lucky-Angel And-Giveaways

  5. Posted on your wall, thanks for a terrific giveaway!

  6. i am in!
    fb Elena Rabkina

  7. I Like you on Facebook - Cynthia M Richardson
    Shared on Facebook

  8. Thanks for all the support and good luck! I wish I had a pair for everyone! <3 Jessa


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