Obsession Confessions **Contest Closed**

So today I finally received my new vintage purse I ordered online!

I just love it!  It so feminine, sweet, and covered in darling pastel bead work.
The leaves on this bag are so precious and the perfect shades of yellow, green, and pink of course!  So what do I always have in my bag?  
With a hand bag my arsenal is quite a bit smaller... but here are a few of my beauty obsessions.

 Hello Kitty!  =D  She must go everywhere with me!
 Actually it is a compact mirror... it is the favorite one I own and was purchased for me, by a friend, on one of her trips to Japan.   I always like to have a mirror in my bag as you may never know when you might need a quick touch up!
Lipstick!  I love lipstick but I am pretty picky on what brands I adore.  I love Lime Crime Lippies!  Created by Doe Deere these little darlings come in the most delightful packaging and the coverage is superb!  They go on effortlessly and stay with you well into the night.

 Not to mention the colors are fierce!  Definitely not your everyday run-of-the-mill Dusty Rose, but vibrant hues like D'Lilac.
 I have recently tried the Falsies by Maybelline and must say I am pleased.  I love the look it provides even without curling.  I have pretty short little lashes but this really does pump up the volume!  Will it look like the models in the commercial?  Probably not, but still a great tool!  The coverage is wonderful and it really does work as described.  Just be sure to hold the brush at the appropriate angle to ensure those flared wings.
 Chapstick... a must at all times!  I prefer to use natural products when available and thought I'd give this pretty shade of pink a try on my pout.  Bad idea!  I've tried Wet N Wild products before and always end up saying "Ugh!  You get what you pay for I guess" well, this was the case again!  It has a very greasy feel to it and is much too glittery, but it isn't bad when applied over SOME lipsticks, so, I keep it.  =D
 While relocating things from one bag to another I always seem to find a pair of earrings.  Today was no different.  These are a pair I wore to a recent outing and thought I would share them with you.  Aren't they darling!

So here is the fun part!  These are the prize for my first contest!  I have aquired another pair and since I adore them, why not share the love?  So the contest is simple:
  1. "Like" me on Facebook (here's the link: The Cupcake Countessa's Page)
  2.  Then, post your status as "I want @The Cupcake Countessa's earrings!"
    • (Be sure to link my page by using the @ sign so that your entry will show up on my page.)  
  3. The winner will be selected at random at midnight PST on November 6th and announced on my Facebook page on the 7th.  
  4. Already a fan?  Just post your status as shown and you will be entered as well!  
Contest is international so anyone can enter.  I will be contacting the winner for shipping information once announced!  Good luck and I hope that you'll subscribe and visit again!  ::smooches::


  1. done =)
    FB Name: Maggy Diaz oro

    punkme15 at gmail dot com

  2. @Jel ♡
    Wonderful! Good luck to you Maggy!

  3. Sooo glad u have a second pair. I was freaking out...why would she give away her fave earrings? And yes, they are stunning! Love your vintage bag too! Xo- TheTwoSistersCrochet

  4. @Princess TL

    Me too! I love sharing things I love! Thanks for stopping by the blog Princess! <3

  5. thats a lovely purse

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