Cupcake Confessions: Lickety ~ Split Gourmet Cupcakes

This last weekend was my husband's and my third year wedding anniversary, so we decided to take a trip to the coast.  I have not been to Pismo Beach, CA since I was a little girl and thought it would be so much fun to revisit the sands I was so fond of as a child.  I was so curious to see how it would live up to my childhood memories and was not disappointed.  We had a wonderful time soaking up rays of sunlight with the pups and enjoying local cuisine.  I even found the most darling haven of delightful cupcakes in nearby Grover Beach, CA!
 When you enter Lickety ~ Split, you are immediately greeted by the warm aromas of freshly baked cupcakes and cheery smiles.  The atmosphere of this specialty shop is quaint and warm with the true emphasis being the sweet treats they offer.  The menu is simplistic and easy to understand with the real product literally at your fingertips!  The flavors they offer range from the traditional Red Velvet to the more exotic Margarita. After some intense contemplation I had to ask Al, our host for the day, "What flavor are you best known for?"
His response was a quick one: Toasted Coconut.  This cupcake consists of chocolate cake, a generous helping of cream cheese frosting, then heavily sprinkled with their very own toasted coconut flakes.  My husband was the first to sample this little delight with the immediate response of a huge smile.  You know you're in for a treat when the person's face lights up!  His response was a natural one: They are simply delightful!  From the texture to the flavor, everything about this cup sized dessert is scrumptious!  I, myself, am extremely picky about the texture of coconut flakes and was all too thrilled with the perfect bit of crunch it added.  This is the cupcake to make the trip for!
On to my personal choice, the Bubble Gum Cupcake.  I am a bubble gum devotee!  I love everything from the color to the ice cream -- even just the scent of bubble gum makes me smile!  So, I was all to eager to get my hands on the bubble gum teaser Al fixed up for me.  I love the option of purchasing teaser cakes -- bite-sized samples -- at Lickety ~ Split.  You can even purchase a dozen of these little darlings so that you may partake in every sweet tidbit without too much guilt!  Although the cupcakes displayed were paired with a yellow cake, he prepared a chocolate cake combo for me explaining the two were a wonderful match.  So true!  I loved how the chocolate played so well in taming the bold bubble gum flavors creating the perfect harmony and balance.  The cake used as the foundation for these little beauties is so divine that it may even lead to some wrapper licking!  Hmmmm, was that part of the inspiration for the name?
Just as we thought our sugary tour was coming to an end, Al had one more trick up his sleeve.  I have heard of savory cupcakes but have yet to have the pleasure of meeting one face to face.  Al presented us with his masterpiece, the Maple Bacon Cupcake!  A yellow cake, topped with a maple-flavored frosting, then paired off with crispy bacon crumbles.  Shocking?  Yes!  Intimidating?  Slightly!  Delicious?  Absolutely!!!!  I started my conquest with a timid sampling of a piece of frosting-covered bacon.  Phase one consisted of letting the rich maple flavor settle into the taste buds which encouraged phase two to commence -- chewing!  The bacon was thoroughly crisp and so fresh that it just melted in your mouth.  However, the real experience doesn't begin until you've actually taken a real bite.  The combination of this cupcake is like a good ol' fashioned breakfast with pancakes, bacon, and completed with REAL maple syrup to give it the ever sweet taste that lingers on the tongue.  I am so happy to have come, to have seen, and to have devoured my first savory cupcake and I must say I will never look back!

Thank you so much to our new friends at Lickety~Split.  They say when you share a cupcake you share love... we left this shop with full hearts and full bellies!  See you next year!


  1. i've never been to pismo beach but if i ever make it, i'll be visiting lickety split for sure! :)

  2. Heather - Pismo is wonderful. You'd have a great time and would definitely enjoy these gourmet delights.

  3. Although it does sound a bit intimidating: I think a trip to Pismo is in my future, simply to try that Maple Bacon cupcake at Lickety Split! (Did anyone ever tell you Countessa, that you could be a fabulous success in sales?)

  4. Anonymous - The sale of something you adore always comes easy! I guarantee you would have a wonderful time at Lickety ~ Split! Try the Margarita cuppie for me! =D


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