Beauty Confessions: Hair 101 Part 2

Welcome to part two of becoming a beauty MacGyver.  There are so many great ways to pump up your tresses without breaking the piggy bank.

The first tip is for all my fellow crimson beauties out there.  As you know it is extremely difficult to keep our locks that intense red we all desire.  So how do you revive it between touch-ups?
Cranberry juice!  Red hair dye has the largest amount of color molecules with makes it run out quickly.  Douse hair with cranberry juice and let sit for five minutes prior to rinsing out with water.  This cocktail will give your do a temporary boost of vibrance.   For a more intense boost go double time!

If you're anything like me, you have put your hair through a lot.  I have gone through so many shades from black to white and it really does a number on each strand.  So how to repair?
Dessert!  Create a protein treatment by dissolving a packet of clear gelatin in hot water.  Massage warm solution throughout your hair allowing to sit for thirty minutes prior to rinsing.  Gelatin contains high levels of protein which strengthen the hair shaft.  I wonder what would happen if I used cranberry gelatin?  =D

Although I am no longer a platinum baby anymore, I still understand the summer fear... chlorine!  Most blondes have experienced the nightmare of green distortion of blonde tresses.
Chlorine isn't the only chemical that can distort.  Minerals in the water and other environmental factors can also play a roll in distorting the perfect blonde.  To correct this imbalance, rinse hair with V8 juice.  While in the shower apply one can of V8 juice as if you are lathering shampoo.  The red pigment in the tomato juice will warm up any ashy or green affects.  

Time to embrace big hair!
I love volume, but I am beginning to have a love hate relationship with my fine tooth comb.  Teasing can be a real pain in the head, but I found a trick that may allow us a painless separation from our combs citing irreconcilable differences.

The secret to voluminous hair may be in your laundry room.  Spray starch builds up the texture and also adds hold to achieve some major lift.  Apply spray starch to dry roots and hit them with the blow dryer then voila we have lift off!

Lastly we have three little tricks you can perform with one easy tool...

The toothbrush!

So what can you use a toothbrush for other than pearly whites?  Perfect roots!
Most dyes do not come with the brushes or other tools needed for root touch ups, but no need to panic!  Taking a toothbrush, just apply the dye directly to the bristles, then to the root area for precise application!

Trick number 2:  Taming flyaways
Put down the scissors and the tweezers (I've done both!) and pick up your toothbrush!  Spritz hair spray onto the brush combing downward, away from part, for a sleek crown.  Also works great for smoothing ponytails!

Last Trick:  Teasing
If you still want that trial separation from your comb and starch is currently off the market, give the old faithful toothbrush a go.  Due to the toothbrush's dense bristles, it is ideal for back-combing those small strategic areas, creating that pumped up volume.

Thanks for stopping by and a special thank you to Amy Winehouse, whose talent and teased tresses will always remain towering in our hearts!


  1. Hmmm ... some of these tips may be the push that gets me to go red again. My problem has always been that it looks great in the beginning, but goes south veeeeeeery quickly. Maybe this can help with that.

    As for the the starch, thank you soooooo much! My hair is the perfect anti-volume storm of fine (won't hold anything but the most determined teasing because it's too silky) and heavy (because there's a lot of it, so it weighs everything down). Please, oh please, let this work!

  2. StephanieKay

    Reds are definitely work but are usually well worth it! Good luck with those voluminous scarlet tresses!


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