Beauty Confessions: Hair 101 Part 1

I've decided, after patiently awaiting my first giveaway price, I can wait no longer to write another blog!  My first 50 favorite things contest will just have to wait until the goodies arrive!

I read an article today and just had to share all the little tips and tricks I learned for helping keep those beautiful tresses healthy, happy, and cooperative all summer long!

Wanna warm up that summer glow?  Highlights are always a summer fav but must be golden!  How to?
Most highlight enthusiasts have heard that lemon juice will lighten those locks, but for a more natural glow mix lemon juice with orange juice!  Combine the two in a spray bottle and apply before a day in the sun for a warmer blonde!

Don't have highlights?  Fake them!
Kim Kardashian rockin the faux-lights
What will you need?  Just a little metallic bronze body paint goes a long way!  Just apply to wear you would like some brightness and there you go!  Instant highlights without the bleach or the high salon price!

Got the dandruff blues?

To tame a dry, itchy scalp, crush a few ibuprofen or other hard pill and add to your shampoo.  Just like apricot scrub on dead skin cells the rough fragments will work as an exfoliant for your scalp!

Want the fresh look of a blow out but don't have the time?
Easily found in most kitchens finely milled, superabsorbent, plain old flour makes for a cost effective replacement for dry shampoo.  Sprinkle lightly on roots, then dust away with a makeup brush after ten seconds.  This method will sop up any oils weighing down your do.

No hairspray?  Here is a sweet fix!
Dissolve 1 tsp of honey or agave nectar into a half a cup of warm water, pour into a spray bottle, then mist over hair.   It's a liquid sugar that acts like a light hair gel.  Don't have honey?
Another funky fixative is Sprite!  The sugar will give strands lively texture.

Well thats all for tonight... lots more coming up in Part 2 & 3!  Goodnight and remember... Keep calm and eat a cupcake!

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