Fashion Confessions: Spring/Summer 2011 Part 2

Trends & Accessories

Time to look at what trends will be a possible stock pile in the malls this season!

Trends -
Crochet & Macrame - With the re-rise of 70's fashion and lace pieces crochet and macrame were a given. Always perfect for the warmer weather and bathing suit season.
Pleats - I am definitely excited for this trend!  I am currently re-vamping an old tennis skirt using those cute baby bow buttons I made!  Good prediction on my part!  This trend is said to be at the front line of what's hot for spring 2011 so wear them soft or wear them with an edge!  Just know that pleats are in!
Bell Bottoms - I guess with all things 70's making such a fierce come back these were inevitable!  With people becoming less enthused with basic jeans and the "skinny" jean trend loosing it's shine something had to step up right?  Right?  =D
Jumpsuits, Rompers, & Playsuits - Yes!!!  LOVE rompers & playsuits!  Who doesn't love a complete outfit made out of only one article of clothing?  Jumpsuits are really going to be everywhere this year so keep an eye out for those vintage treasures!

Accessories - 

Cat Eye Sunglasses - With the warm weather approaching it is time to re-supply your sunglass collection.  Although this look is not the most flattering on myself I still adore seeing people in them.  They are so sleek and classy!  A great fun addition to the summer line up.

It will be interesting to see what explodes and what doesn't..... remember to raid your local and/or online vintage stores for anything 70's and you'll do just fine this season!



  1. I'm always happy when the 70s roll back around, because the flared legs always balance out my petite-yet-curvy figure in a way skinny jeans can never accomplish. In fact, I just picked up my first couple pairs in the thrift store today!

    Plus, it works very well with the bohemian look these days, too. Tossled, less-structured hair (with maybe a bang-braid thrown in)? Flowy, breatheable, beautiful blouses with feminine details that help hide the fact that we may not be quite bikini ready just yet? Sign me up! :)

  2. Haha I'm not sure that women are ever bikini ready! =D It's always such fun when style trends we love come back! I am so glad you had such success with your thrift store ventures!


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