Fashion Confessions: Spring/Summer 2011 Part 1

Now that summer looks like it is approaching soon and with spring being in full swing, it's time to look at what's hot and what's not for the seasons!  I love seeing what the experts say and measuring it up to my own personal predictions!  I mainly focus on "return" fashions as I love my vintage!  So what are the fashion gurus saying?

Key Looks for Spring 2011 -

Bohemian - A look that I don't think has ever gone completely away.  It is such a soft feminine look and is done with such ease.  Boho-Chic, as most of us refer it to, is a form of fashion that is drawn for the hippie and bohemian influences of the 1970's.  In 2005-ish this was a HUGE trend among celebrities my personal favorite being Nicole Richie.
70's Sophisticated Glamor - I adore this look and I am glad it is coming back around again!  I love high waisted pants, jeans, shorts, and skirts.  It seemed as though it was coming back around a few years ago but never quit made it full swing.  When trying to achieve this classic look go for the high waisted bottoms and pair them with a flowing top usually tucked in to ensure the height of the bottoms are seen and to help extenuate your waist line.
Lady-Like Fashion of the 60's - I love this era as it truly embraced the femininity of a woman's shape.  Sheath dresses are what this look is all about!  Finding dresses that are usually right above the knee and cling to curves creating the "hourglass" shape.  The experts are predicting dresses to be found in fresh colors, prints, and light airy fabrics!  Sounds great to me!
Lace Clothing - My all time favorite... although I was not a big supporter of the lace sheath style dresses we were seeing a while back... I still LOVE lace.  I am thrilled that the style focus this season is going to be accents of lace, more so, than the full coverage.  I am really glad I found all that lace at the yard sales last Saturday!  Going to have to work on some accenting of my own!   =D

So ladies what are you excited for this season?  Or what have you been waiting for to make it's come back?

Stay Tuned for Part 2:  Trends and Accessories

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