Just a little gal on a great big ranch.  I am a photography enthusiast, thrift shop junky, and self taught graphic designer living in California below the beautiful Yosemite Valley.  I am a bit of a wildflower with a passion for discovery and a love of adventure no matter how big or how small.   I grew up on a thousand acre ranch I have lovingly titled The Thousand Acre Woods.  I still reside there with my family, my husband Christopher Robin, and our two dogs and three cats.  My blog follows me as I navigate through this wonderful journey as a business owner, writer, and designer.  

I started my blog in 2011 as a way to answer questions about my passion for vintage.  Slowly the blog has become a place of self discovery and creative inspiration.   Through the blog I continue to meet and interact with some of the most inspirational people thus deepening my passion for blogging.  

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What you will find here:
Posts outlining my ever changing personal style, my adventures in The Thousand Acre Woods, my latest obsessions, inspirational posts and giveaways from my sponsors, cupcakes I've created, beauty tutorials, and DIY's I adore.  I currently run my vintage shop through Etsy where I find the community to be so supportive and the customers so amazing!  Be sure to stop by!

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I hope you'll enjoy your visit and navigating through the pages of my journey!

Love & Lollies... Jessa


  1. Dear Lord! You look exactly like a friend of mine. It is a little creepy actually. O_o

  2. Haha well if she is as pretty as you I will take that as a compliment! Thanks for following... returning the love!

    Love & Lollies...

  3. This is such an absolutely adorable post. You are so cute! And I love the euphemism about a cupcake being a muffin in a party dress, ha ha!
    I call my cat my child, too! I think pets really are children, though. Sometimes they need just as much attention, if not more than children!

  4. You look soooo young, I thought you are 18, but you have to boys already! wow!

  5. You have a lovely blog Jessa, I'm so glad I found it. I can't wait to see what exciting ventures wait for you this coming year, I hope it's a great one for you and yours.

  6. You have a beautiful blog! I've been enjoying reading your posts.

  7. Thank you for stopping by my page :)
    I like yours a lot, I'm coming back for sure!

  8. What a cutie patutie pup! Loving your blog so far :)

  9. Your blog is gorgeous. Love your style :)

    Xox Soph

  10. those blue bangs are super cool... and the dog<333

  11. you and your pup are adorable! i'm so ready to launch into your other posts...now!

  12. Thank you! Armani sure knows how to steal a spotlight! xo

  13. I love your blog and your style, so glad I found you on Etsy :) <3


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