Junction Fire...

On Monday our town was literally turned upside down.  Our Facebook feeds seemed suddenly bombarded by images of smokes and flames forming above the businesses on our main street.  Everyone began questioning what it was; was it a building?  Could it be another brush fire only beginning?  Everyone was unsure and scared as to what was happening and within hours the severity of the situation came to light with hundreds of acres being consumed right on the edges of town.  One of the first images I saw was an Instagram of the back side of my studio with the flames appearing to be only yards away from the buildings furthest edge.  After a few frantic calls and some soothing confirmation that the blaze was moving to the east we rushed outside to see what we could see.  The view from our front porch was petrifying and with information only trickling in we were all unsure as to what turn the fire would take next. 

By 4pm evacuations were already in order and by night fall hundreds of structures were being threatened and thousands asked to leave their homes.  Fire crews were quick to respond bringing in man power from all over as well as equipment like the DC 10 which proceeded to drop retardant at the fire's edge.

Three days later the fire is at 65% contained and most residents have been able to return safely to their homes.  Forty seven structures were consumed by the fire, two of which were commercial properties that were engulfed when the fire jumped our main highway.

Now the fire is well on its way to total containment and though the town still does not know the origin of the fire they remain united and helping those less fortunate who have lost their homes.  We are so grateful to our firefighters and all they have done this year to keep our town safe.

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Coming soon...

I feel like I have been gone forever because quite frankly I have been!  This is my first post for the majority for 2014.  A lot has been happening as well as changing here on the Thousand Acre Wood, but I will be back soon to tell you all about it.  Thank you for all the emails and comments while I was away and cannot wait to catch up with you all once I return.

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